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A new chapter of FOR SHOVELRY is out! · 1:05am Apr 4th, 2016

Yes, I am in fact, back this time!
After going on a long, epic journey through the vast reaches of space and time I have returned with (hopefully) better writing skill than I ever had before.
In all seriousness though thank you to those who've been waiting ever so patiently for the new chapter. I cannot promise anything for certain because life can be a doozy, but expect more regular updates to be a thing from now on.
I sincerely thank each and everyone of you for you continued support and constructive feedback.
To an even brighter future ahead.

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yeah, thats great and all, but how about Drake? at this point, i think u need to finish that story or mark it as canceled...

3846551 A very good point. I'm considering rewriting it before I continue considering how much I've learned about writing in the time I've been away. The story itself would be the same, just with better writing. More details on that to come in the near future, :)

Welcome back friend. On the topic of what's being crossed in your story, are you also stoked for the future King Knight and Specter Knight modes in Shovel Knight? :raritystarry:

I keep checking the site for updates, but aside from a stream video, there's not anything new :raritydespair:

3846578 Glad to be back! Thank you! And on the topic of the game itself, I've actually, believe it or not, don't own the game myself yet. *Gasps and shocks and screams of blasphemy everywhere.* But I have in fact seen playthroughs of it and intend to get it very soon. The concept of Shovel Knight himself is facinating to me, I'm just not the best at not gettingenraged by platformers. XD Regardless. this is the first I've heard of these new modes (I have in fact been living under a rock. Tom was very happy to take me in.) And now I'm really excited to check them out, so thank you for telling me about it. :)

3846631 In that case, Shovel Knight's not for you. You will die plenty of times if you're not careful, especially if you're trying to get the cash you lose with each death. The stream video basically just involved making a running cycle for Specter Knight (Which is cool, by the way), with some parts muted due to copyright.

3846686 Very true. Though the 3ds or PSVita versions I may still consider getting to try and do something about my lack of platforming skills. XD Hopefully I'll be able to find the stream video somewhere, as I'm very curious to see what these modes could add to the game.

What about your Two Tobys story?

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