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A sketch · 4:45am Feb 9th, 2014

Here's a sneak peak of what I'm currently working on. Can you guess what the graphic novel will be about?
Also, next updates pending are the watcher, the janitor, and souls apart.
Also, since I know you'll probably be reading this; Mr101, when will there be an update for gargoyle?

Greetz and a good night,
the Gnoll.

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Comments ( 9 )

Guess is that it's about a hapless soldier who has to ring two bells in his quest. One of them is at the top of that church-looking building.

1813553 Nope, it's not dark souls :D

Holy Santa that's amazing.

It going to be about... who ever is in that awesome looking building:derpytongue2:

But on a more serious note. I'm going to say dark wizards academy. one of the last place left where the arts of magic that have been labeled "Black" or "Evil" can still practiced... legally. Where the students focus is on how to use the force as a tool and not be driven insane by the power.
Magic like Necromancy, Planer Summoning, Blood Magic... ext ext.
That's my guess based off what I've read in your other stories.


Ah, now this is a great example of medieval europe architecture. The lower part of that building is done in a typical romanesque style, while the cathedral-like part is as gothic as it can be.

This is actually quite common, either because the construction took so long that trends in architecture changed before the building was finished, or because the cathedral was rebuilt from an older, smaller building. We would have to see the inside to be sure, maybe traces of the original columns and archways can be seen.

Wait, what was the question again ?

That is bloody awesome!

And as for Gargoyle, Tuesday. I plan to get at least three chapters of on going stories out by then (as it's my birthday on Tuesday) and Gargoyle is one of them I'm already... roughly 1.2k into it, gunna be finishing it tonight/Monday :)

Why did you draw Hogwarts?

(that was my first impression)

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