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The current state of affairs · 5:44pm Mar 8th, 2014

as most of you might have noticed, I've recently haven't been up to my usual self concerning update frequency. And I am sad to say it won't get much better over the near future. I am currently facing some serious health problems and... let's just say I already lost fifteen pounds due to it. As it stands, I will take a bit of my time to recover, but will continue writing the best I can, just not as much as in the past. Once I'm healthy again, I'll get straight back to work and the frequency of udpates will rise to old levels.
Now, enough of the sadness and some cheerful things! Go make yourself some coffee, you've earned it!
Thank you for your ongoing support,

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Comments ( 19 )

Health comes first. I hope you get well.

Hope you'll get better.

As it stands, I will take a bit of my time to recover, but will continue writing the best I can,

Or, you focus entirely on getting yourself better. No one is going to get angry if you take some time off to recover, real life, especially health, always comes first. Take time off, get some rest. We'll still be here when you get back. :twilightsmile:

Get healthy and don't overexert yourself.

Don`t worry about writing, we can wait for you as long as it takes for you to be back to 100% again.

15 pounds? :applejackconfused: Holy crap. I'll pray for your swift recovery, man. :applecry:

I'll dring to your health!

Wow, now I feel like a dick for cursing your name every time Diary of a Store Clerk isn't updated every hour on the hour. Hope you get well soon. And not for purely selfish reasons either. Okay, maybe a little selfish. But it's such a good story!

Take as much time as you need to get healthy!


Dude don't worry. When you are healthy and want to, then write some stuff. Don't overdo yourself over silly things.

I'll keep you in my prayers. Hope you get better.

Woah, that sounds serious indeed. Here's hoping the best for whatever ails ya man. Get your rest and don't worry about giving a bunch of freeloaders on the internet free entertainment.

Dang, sorry to hear that. Hope you get better soon!

Take all the time you need, we don't want to lose you. Be safe and hope you get to feeling better,

Wow, if you ever need those pounds back, I'd be happy to give you a few; I could stand to lose some myself!

But yeah, seriously. Never forget your health has the absolute highest priority here. We can wait.
With the average attention span of the internet, it's not like we'll hold it against you for more than about five seconds anyway.

You just concentrate on getting better. We'll be here :pinkiehappy:

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