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  • 544 weeks
    The Twilight Effect - Chapter 4

    When you try to add an extra 1k words to your chapter the second before publishing it.

    Anyways, enjoy! It's good to be back!

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  • 544 weeks
    This week...

    No time for clean-looking memes. There are pones to be shipped.

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  • 570 weeks
    Writing Sucks, So I Should Do It More.

    For those of you still in the fandom since I released my last chapter of "The Twilight Effect", I really don't need to tell you how long I've been putting writing off. Or that I've left little hope to some of you that I'd continue to write at all.

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  • 599 weeks
    Christmas is here at last!

    And I still don't have a single chapter ready for any of my stories!

    New Years Eve is close, though. I think I'll start working on my resolution. ^_~

    Happy Holidays!

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  • 623 weeks
    Tweet tweet...

    So... Twitter!

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This week... · 3:37am Jan 16th, 2014

No time for clean-looking memes. There are pones to be shipped.

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Heeeeey, I remember you! Your stories are the ones that helped get me into this fandom in the first place! Glad to see you're still alive :twilightsmile:

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