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Rescue the princess chapter 10 part 5 (It's the final fluffdown) · 2:48am Dec 10th, 2013

Previously on Rescue the princess...

(thanks again Sweetietooth:twilightsmile:)

After inserting the crests into the gate revealing another set of doors, the heroes wandered into a large library. Amidst the group's focus on the numerous amount of books, they were approached by Wind Song and Earthshock. The conversations between each member of the group and the two elemental changelings quickly led into another confrontation. Wind Song didn't want the fight taking place in the library so she teleported everyone to the ballroom where the group fought Prince Blueblood.

With a harp made of wind and a sword composed of dirt, turned into a blade of thunder, the two elemental changelings began a renewed fight against the heroes albeit not golems this time. Pinkie arrived to join the fight while Silver was still stuck in milky bliss coma.
Wind Song tried to put Vulpus in a trance while Earthshock tried to stab Apple Bloom through the chest. However, Rarity restrained her daughter with elastic measuring tape now prepared from the last fight, and Twilight took the hit for Apple Bloom. Apple Bloom healed Twilight, but the mare still had to pull out Earthshock's sword, stuck in her chest.

Playing her harp, Wind Song summoned a tornado pulling Luna, Rarity, and Sweetie Belle into it. Meanwhile, Earthshock attacked Nyx with Twilight's electrified body. Princess Luna spread her wings saving Rarity who then saved Sweetie Belle. The three escaped the tornado attacking Earthshock though Rarity accidentally shot Twilight with a sword, somehow. Pinkie Pie, having no idea what she was doing (literally), crawled towards Earthshock trying to not be sucked into the tornado, and stabbed the stallions hooves.

Earthshock reared back on his hindlegs preparing for a devastating attack, and Wind Song created a vacuum around Pinkie Pie slowly suffocating the mare. Pinkie Pie sucked in what little air she could inflating herself like a balloon and floating into the air. Twilight attacked Earthshock with vines. Rarity, once again coming prepared, knew the devastating attack that was going to come from Earthshock. While held in the air by Princess Luna with her sister, Rarity tossed fabric rolls over the ballroom's chandelier so that the other heroes would have a chance of getting off the ground.

Slamming into the ground, Earthshock sent spears of rock and dirt upward killing any still standing on the floor to which Nyx died but was quickly revived. Wind Song released Vulpus then put Apple Bloom into a trance. Rarity made sure to restrain the filly before anything bad could happen, and Apple Bloom tried to fight Wind Song's singing.

Wind Song decided to take damage in Earthshock's place and also cut the elastic measuring tape restraining Apple Bloom. Apple Bloom immediately tackled Sweetie Belle trying to stab the filly. However, Rarity used her mirror's ability to switch positions taking each sword strike. Rarity, with blood escaping her mouth from the attacks, healed herself holding back Apple Bloom back with one hoof telling the filly it wasn't her fault. Like a balloon losing air, Pinkie flew through a stained glass window leaving the fight.

Wind Song saw the damage done to Rarity and started to whimper playing some chords on her harp. Luna became trapped in a vacuum and Apple Bloom decided to attack Twilight. Rarity and Twilight restrained Apple Bloom and the latter mare casted the same spell that helped her friends remember themselves, freeing Apple Bloom from the trance.

Nyx and Apple Bloom attacked Wind Song, and Flim cried tears of joy at Nyx's ability to handle a sword. Wind Song healed herself and Earthshock decided to protect her while attacking Apple Bloom with his sword. Twilight tried to protect the filly but was knocked into the air accidentally hitting Vulpus with her sword. Wind Song placed a wind shield around Earthshock. Twilight casted a spell to create localized earth quakes in Earthshock's joints hitting his weakness. Nyx's weapon backfired and exploded causing the filly to die but be quickly revived.

Luna stepped back and sent the two elemental changelings into a Nightmare Orb at the same time Rarity asked a question about the two's motives behind their actions. Earthshock, confused, tried to remember a reason. When the two came back, they resumed the conflict. However, under continued stress from fighting, Earthshock was gravely wounded and stared at Rarity. Rarity still asked for a reason to their actions, and the stallion suddenly had a flux of returning memories. But, before he could say anymore, Scootaloo struck him down and the stallion whispered a single word looking at Wind Song.

Unable to continue fighting due to all other elemental changeling being killed, Wind Song curled up into a ball sniffling and crying. Chrysalis's voice was soon heard in the room commanding that Wind Song kill the heroes taking drastic step by removing the filly's emotions in the form of a pink ball - the filly's heart.

Assuming the pink ball controlled Wind Song, Rarity, Scootaloo, and Twilight attacked it. However, attacking the filly's heart greatly hurt her so Twilight tried to correct the mistake by combining it with Wind Song again. At this very moment, Queen Chrysalis decided Wind Song was no longer useful and so compressed the heart and made it explode. She expected that the following explosion of Wind Song's body would take some lives.

Wind Song, with tear-filled eyes, prevented harm to the others and, when her body exploded, some of the tears flew out hitting Rarity and Sweetie Belle. The two blinked when the tears hit finding themselves in a cloudy white world. They turned only to see a smiling Wind song, her body slowly disappearing into the wind.

In a flash, the room changed to a classroom with a small blue filly singing in a corner.

"Melody," The teacher said softly."I know you like to sing, but you can't sing in class during a test."

The Filly blushed and slowly sunk into her chair.

The school bell rang.

"Alright class, I'll see you tomorrow"

Melody giggled as she made her way out the door. That was until she spotted a light brown smiling stallion.
"DAD!!" The filly giggled."I thought pea-"

The stallion chuckled and smiled warmly at the filly.
"Nope. Your sister is sick so I'm taking you home today. But first...I was thinking ice cream," the stallion said slyly. "What do you think?"

The filly's eyes widened and she began to jump up and down.

"I'll take that as a yes," the stallion said with a warm smile.

The scene changed to the filly and the stallion walking close to a forest's edge. Suddenly, the two were jumped by a pack of changelings lead by a white-cloaked figure.

The scene changed once again. Rarity and Sweetie Bele found themselves back in the castle with two black cocoons.

One of the cocoons opened revealing Earthshock.

"Ahh...Such power!" a voice hissed. "I can feel the power within you."

The stallion lifted his head only to see Queen Chrysalis.
"W-what did you...?" Before the stallion could finish his words, a second cocoon opened and Wing Song stepped out.

"M-Melody...? Wh-what did they do to you!?" the stallion yelped.

"She's not your Melody any more. She's mine now!" the Queen giggled.

"YOU MONSTER!!!" the stallion screamed.

The stallion tried to attack, but the Queen was too fast.
"You will obey me, Earthshock, " the Queen said sternly. "Even if I have to force You!"

The Queen stabbed her hoof into the filly's chest and pulled out her small heart.

The stallion froze in place.

"Her life is in my hooves," the Queen said darkly. "I'll keep her heart but, should you disobey me, she will die."

The stallion lowered his head and sobbed softly.

"Don't worry," the Queen mocked. "In time, neither of you will remember a thing."

The scene changed again, but this time it was a place Rarity remembered quite well.The small room where she had grown up.
Rarity and Sweetie could see there younger selves.

Little filly Rarity was laying under her covers while the little white blob of cuteness known as Sweetie was sound asleep in her crib. Sitting at the edge of the bed was their mother whom held a book out as she read Rarity a bed time story.

"Mom...Sweetie was being annoying today..." Rarity said softly. "She messed up my doll fashion show by drooling on all the dresses."
The mother smiled softly.

"She's just a foal dear. She doesn't know any better."

"I hate her," Rarity huffed.

"Don't say that honey," Rarity's mother said softly as she nuzzled her filly.

"I do though," the filly whined.

"Honey, you'll hurt little Sweetie's feelings. She's your sister and she loves you greatly."

"I don't care. She gets into everything!" The filly folds her front forelegs and glared at her mom. "At least you never had to deal with a sister!"

The mom's face fell.
"I-i did...at one time..."

Rarity unfolded her front forelegs and looked at her mom.
"I didn't know you had a sister, mom."

"I...had a sister...sweetie..." The mom lowered her head as tears slid down her face.

Rarity eyes watered as she looked at her mother.
"I-I didn't know," Rarity said softly.

"I-it's okay, dear. It happened so long ago, but I still miss her."

The little white filly gathered her courage.
"W-what happened?

"I don't know dear. We never found her, or my father." Rarity's mother took in a deep breath.

"I'm sorry mom. I'm...so sorry." Rarity wrapped her hooves around her mother.

"It's okay, dear." The mother said softly."But i want you to promise me something."

"Anything. I'll do anything, mom."

"Promise me you'll look out for Sweetie Belle."

Rarity nodded.
"I promise. I'll look out for her. I'll do everything in my power."

The scene changed again as the world went back to the snow white world. Wind Song smiled softly as her body vanished.

The scene changed one final time to a future that never happened, a future that could never occur.

A sky blue mare sat silently as she hummed a quiet song to a small white foal she held in her arms.

"Aunt Melody!" a little filly whined from the doorway. "Can't we play now!?"

"In a minute. Your sister is nearly asleep." Melody smiled at the filly. "Besides, isn't your grandpa still playing with you?"

Rarity frowned.
"Aww, but I already beat him." She moved closer to her aunt. "Besides, I think he's letting me win." Rarity whispered.

The sky blue mare giggled softly before putting the white foal in a crib.

"Okay, Rarity. Let's go play."

The mare picked Rarity up and placed the filly on her back taking her into the next room with Rarity's parents and an old brown stallion smiling warmly at the filly.

The scene ended as Wind Song's body faded away.

A bright light flashed over the two and, when they blinked, both were back in the ballroom. Slightly bewildered, Rarity and Sweetie Belle were surprised by the visions. The group decided to rest with Twilight repairing her sword and Flim comforting his wife showing the progress made with the children.

Rarity tried to sleep but couldn't, suddenly hearing Sweetie Belle sing. She wanted her sister, whom she knew could sing well, to continue but the filly didn't want to for good reason. Rarity pressed further not realizing that Sweetie Belle had hurt her throat. With a sigh, Rarity offered her sister some soothing milk asking if the younger sister would like to her older sibling sing.

Sweetie Belle said that was okay and Rarity began to sing something felt in the heart for her friends, her family, and loved ones never known. Turning to face her younger sister, Rarity sung from her heart pointing out the spot where their family died, at each friend, then back at Sweetie Belle and Vulpus indicating these occurrences come and go happening in the flow of time. Tears formed in her eyes realizing a heartfelt emotion that could never be understood by any changeling - love. With raised hooves and pacing steps, she closed her eyes singing one last dedication to family members never known but will not be forgotten.

With some comfort offered by Sweetie Belle and Vulpus, Rarity went back to trying to sleep but unable to for a few hours still wondering what it'd be like to know Auntie Melody and Grandpa. However, Rarity knew what was most important - protecting her sister at all costs just like mother asked.

and now the fluff continues...

Queen Chrysalis sighed in annoyance as she saw the filly known as Wind Song explode but take none of the ponies with her.

"Useless...you were all...so useless...."The Queen's eyes began to glow green."I gues if you want something done...you have to do it yourself..."She turned her head and chucled to herself."Then again...maybe sending someone they can't fight would make more sense.

Light blue eyes shined in the darkness.

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(by the way Rescue the princess (action/rpg game) chapter 10 part 4 was my 69th blog:trollestia:)

('It's the Final Fluffdown' :rainbowlaugh:)

1591416 (Got ya! *hugs* :heart:)


(*hug time ppls*:heart:)

(#sweetiebellemattersmost :rainbowlaugh:)

1591480 (....:pinkiegasp: :rainbowlaugh:....Well, I'm never looking at that again...)

"Hello? anyone there?"



(Should the big G appear now?

1591525 Rarity lifted her head from the ground. "Y-Yes? Who's there? You...sound familiar..."

(this is just fluff...the final fluff theres still 2 chapters left:twilightsmile:)

1591533 Flim jolted out of his sleep noticing Luminous asleep on the ground, not even snoring. He picked up and cradled the small colt.

"Ah good good...your both here."the voice whispered.

1591544 1591457 "S-Sweetie...! It's the voice in the sky. Hello, darling, how are you today?"

"friendly voice going to try and get som-"
"The voice in the sky...Hi again"

1591552 "The voice in the sky, Princess. His/her divine presence has, once again, graced us."

"It's ok princess luna I'm no threat...in fact I've come to see Rarity and Sweetie belle."

1591560 "Sweetie and me? Hmm...! Is this about Sweetie Bot?! Please, oh please, be some good news." 1591550

1591561 "Princess, it's okay. The voice in the sky is no threat to us."

The voice sighed softly.
"I have good and bad news...which would you like to hear first?"

"I have...many names....just call me the voice...it's easier that way:twilightsmile::twilightsmile:"

1591577 "The good news, darling, if that's fine."

"One for good and one for bad..."

"Then I will go over the bad news first...sadly the chip was too damaged...to be repaired..."

1591604 "...so...Sweetie's memories...are...gone....?" *looks at the ground*

"...which is why I had to transfer the information onto a new chip:twilightsmile:"

1591621 Rarity's ears perk up and she lifts her head.

"Why do I get the feeling you do things like that on purpose?"

Vinyl slowly blinked awake, hugging Octavia closer to her, as her eyes fluttered open...to see that they were both on Presto's back.

"What the he-augh?!" She cried. Octavia yelped as she was pulled off by Vinyl, and the two landed painfully on the floor.

"It took...alot of work...but..."

A large box appears infront of Rarity.
"I think it was worth it:twilightsmile::twilightsmile:"

1591628 (Hi! *huggies* :heart:) (Edit: --->) 1591630

1591631 Rarity looks down on the large box feverishly holding out a hoof to it. She stops, looking around for the voice. "D-does this mean?"

"why don't you open it and see:twilightsmile::twilightsmile:"

1591637 (Why are you saying hi? You already knew I was on.)

1591642 Rarity nodded wasting no time in opening the large box finding the lid a bit heavy. She peered inside with high hopes.

1591640 (I think that was for me.)

1591651 (Oh. Whoops! It was. :twilightblush::rainbowlaugh::heart:)

1591655 (We'll just pretend you replied to flutterpie on accident, and intended to say hi to me.)

Rarity finds a small white filly sleeping at the bottem of the box.

"The damage to the chip...did take away...some of her memory...she'll know you...and the others but I don't know if she'll remember much of your adventures."

The filly turned slowly.

"One other difference...she's flesh and blood...only her brain is robotic...she'll age...she'll do everything a normal filly would.."



*tear-filled eyes and tembling lips* "Sweetie..." Rarity picked up the filly holding her close never meaning to let go. "Sweetie...you're okay..."

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