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Rescue the princess chapter 10 part 2(don't stop the fluff.) · 11:54pm Dec 4th, 2013

Previously on Rescue the princess...

Before the ponies eyes the massive doors opened up; The ponies moved in quickly only to find themselves in a massive ballroom. Suddenly a large red and Orange and red cloaked figure arrived and spoke to the ponies.To their surprise the figure seemed to know them(specifically Rarity and Pinkie.) and even revealed that Rarity had gone out with him and that she was only after his title. Rarity protested this but the figure also told them that Rarity had gone out with his father how as it turned out was Fancypants making the figure Vinyl's sibling. Before the ponies could discover the figures identity he attacked them.

Nyx defeated the figure but in true she only tore off the figures cloak. A fully armor stallion stood before the ponies but this form much like the last was quickly defeated( but not before showing that this figure could control fire.).The figure admitted that his reason for wearing the armor was not for his protection but for everyone elses as he was not in full control of his powers. In a flash the armor explosed off the stallion but this set the entire room on fire.

To the ponies surprise the cloaked figure turned out to be Prince Blueblood who had allowed himself to become an elemental changeling for for. Blueblood (who's changeling name was Flame Strike.) revealed that because ofg L:una's return he would never recieve the power he was deserved so he in the end sold out his aunt and helped the changelings capture the princess (this plus his hatred of alicorns.).Blueblood/Flame strike assulted the ponies but to his horror Vulpus was completly immune to his fire attacks and fled to regroup.

The ponies rested up but the rest was cut short as Blueblood returned. He tried to convince Rarity to join him but she declided as well as Sweetie and the others. In a rage Blueblood attacked the ponies again but was joined by four changelings who all transformed into bluebloods to throw the ponies off. Vinyl confronted her brother who responded by blowing up Octavia.

Suddenly the ground under Sweetie disappeared but Rarity pushed her sister out of the way falling into the hole herself. Rarity attempted to climb out but then the ground closed up trapping the mare underground.In a mis step Silver tried to heal rarity but his potion caused a tree to grow out of the ground and the vines to wrap around rarity(luckly this isn't an anime;twilightoops;). Silver tried to save Rarity but the tree fell ontop of him.Baffled by the turn of events Blueblood decided to continue his attack. The ponies freed Silver but Rarity was slowly crushed and smothered to death by the vines. Sweetie and Silver finally managed to destroy the stump but to there horror the vines pulled them under as well.It was The vines shot upward and formed a massive venus flytrap.

Sweetie and Silver freed themselves and finally managed to revive Rarity(who's fur was completly burned off from one of Bluebloods attacks. Rarity attacked blueblood in a rage and to the ponies surprise the plant ate Blueblood. The plant attemped to consume Nyx but this was stopped by a combo from Sweetie and Rarity (this attack actually dropped Nyx into the plants mouth so it sort of helped...). Nyx cut herself out of the plant and Blueblood blew the plant up from the inside.Blueblood's rage flared when he saw Nyx who he discover was related to Luna. Nyx tried to attack the Stallion but he quickly trapped the Filly in fire.Before Nyx's wings could be burned off Octavia(whos parts were reassembled and she was brought back to life.) punched the stallion across the face.Vinyl jumped forward and in a fury attacked the stallion. In the end Vinyl hit the stallion into the ground and fired a massive lightning blast at him. SBlueblood staggered out of the hole but then quickly turned to stone. In a flash Vinyl finally ended the prince's quest for power and destroyed the statue finally killing Blueblood.

and now the fluff continues....

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1572534 (It's been glacially slow without you.)

1572534 *Apple Bloom walks over to a small rom to take a look at her new weapon* "Golly, this thing is amazing! Ah love it!"

1572570 (It's fine dude. You're busy, nothing to be sorry about. I hate to make others feel bad, so cheer up for me please?)

"What kinda weapon is it?"vulpus asks.

1572580 "It seems like a Scythe that looks like it's part of the Everfree Forest. It's amazing! It's really powerful too. Want to see?"

(Is anyone else here?)

1572632>>1572627 (Well then, it seems we are at an impasse. What do you sujest to move us along?)

(I keep wanting to use the compass with you but I don't really know what it would do:rainbowlaugh: My brain keeps feeding me run around like idiots:twilightblush: ...None of these are helpful:twilightangry2: brain!)

1572668 (Well, how about we start to spar, then one of our attacks cut a hole in the ground and it turns out to be a cave. then we explore it?)

(can we do that:rainbowhuh:)

1572632>>1572680 (This is a fluff chapter right? Why wouldn't we be able to? Anyway, what else can we do?)

1572680>>1572632 (Well it's that time, Good night everyone.)

1572700 (*Hugs back*:heart: I miss you already.:applecry:)

1572706 (I'll get ya next time! :pinkiehappy::heart:)
1572632 1572729 1572727 *taps you on the shoulder*


(Yes! Hugs!!!:raritystarry: *huggies*)

OOC: Ok * hugs * When did you start breaking the fourth wall so much?

1572778 "Since Pinkie taught me about it, sweetheart. :raritywink::heart: But I must be honest that there are some really strange oddities out there."

(No comment on the part where Vinyl is also an elemental Changeling?)

1572789 (Hug. I can't believe we're so close to being finished.)

1572793 (Yeah, it's getting close.)

1572795 (I've got all kinds of Plans set up for the next one, but still don't have a name for it.)

OOC: Ah that explains it.

1572797 (Depends on the overall theme. I hope I get enough time for it, but it is looking like I might not because of what is coming in January. So, I have two choices. Either start it then leave early. Or don't start it, get things in my life straightened out, then maybe come back in later if a spot is open. Really sucks...:ajsleepy:)

1572773 (Ya know, I've been thinking about mini Rarity and Sweetie Belle all day long. I don't know why. :rainbowlaugh:)

1572801 (I'm sorry to hear that:ajsleepy:. There will always be a spot open for you, even if it means we might have to give you a different character.)

1572812 (Thank you. I didn't want to tie up a spot.)

(We'll miss u :fluttercry:)
(mini:rainbowhuh: like how so)

1572815 (It's fine, though I doubt we could get someone as good as you are at bringing out Rarity's good side, unless Tabitha St. Germane herself joined the RP.)

1572819 (I know. But I'll still be around. I was thinking about your mini Rarity mouse cursor with Sweetie Belle while Rarity, herself, observed the two with confusion. :rainbowlaugh:)

1572823 (:twilightblush: I ain't that good with her...But...thank you...)

(I'm sorry to hear that:fluttercry: hug)

1572829 (Yeah. I know. But it's okay. Actually, I finally realized the ma121 in you username. You mentioned it was Resident Evil, and I used to know a lot about the game series. It's the Hunter from the first game. I should had remembered that sooner. I still have Resident Evil Director's Cut edition.)

1572827 (I beg to differ. A lot of people get easily lost in all of Rarity's Flaws, but it's hard for that to happen when you're playing her.)

1572844 (Well, she reminds me of someone I used to know. I don't see the bad flaws.)

1572844 1572829 1572799 1572819 (I normally don't show people these things. But guess what I have in addition to the rest of the base set?)


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