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How Ink Blot dies at the end (drunk edition) · 4:32am Nov 2nd, 2013

Don't worry, I'm not actually spoiling the story. I know you guys are eager to see what's actually going on in this monstrosity I've created. Chapter four is finished and awaiting an editing pass, and I've magically conjured up a plot for chapter five, so there's that to look forward to. In the mean time, enjoy an alternate ending written by a friend of mine who was drunk at the time. We had homemade mead last night, and he heard I'd written a pony story, so he decided he was going to commandeer the final chapter to the story. I might also note that sober this guy is not a fan of ponies (he didn't know I was a brony, and probably still doesn't. I remind you, he was drunk.) So, without much further ado, enjoy what my drunk friend wrote with only the last two paragraphs of chapter three as prompt material:

Applejack turned around for a moment, eyes still wide. “Huh? Me? Uh, I’ll be fine. Just, uh, keep going.” She snapped her head back to its original position and continued to frantically scrub the mugs of cider. Ink Blot thought for a moment, and then went on to tell her about how her mother had left for some pink flower forest. Applejack stopped scrubbing momentarily, then resumed. At the mention of Twilight’s actions, and what she’d said at Zecora’s hut, she actually dropped the mugs. “no” She said, soft enough that Ink Blot almost didn’t hear.

“Um, Aunt Applejack?” Ink Blot started. Her aunt’s head slowly turned to face her. This time, her eyes drooped and she stood a bit shorter, head hung low. She reached up and pulled her hat off, clamping it firmly between her teeth. Ink Blot’s eyes shot open as her aunt slowly tore a section of the hat off, chewed, and swallowed. Then her aunt let out a long sigh.

“This… isn’t a story meant for fillies.”

Ink Blot than slapped her aunt in the face with her udders. “Racist What do you have against fillies!” she shouted as her aunt stumbled back in shock; she continues “They are no different from us for they live in the same world and share the same air and life!”
As Ink Blot begain to charge a second time Aunt Applejack side steps and donkey kicks Ink Blot in the head. “What!” Confused, Apple jack is doing nothing more than trying to defend herself. Unknowing to her Ink Blot has been brought into a flash back from far far ago.
“They only want to live in peace!” Images of fillies crying to her and asking her for help she lashes out in anger kicking both back legs at Applejack.
AppleJack dodging, barely, Ink Blot’s latest attack. “How can I be racist about younger ponies!” Stumbling back into the counter, Ink grabs a chef knife, AppleJack grabs a pan. Parring the first knife thrust. “What is up with you?” she yells while she pushes Ink away.
Ink falls over the conveniently placed stool. “Love is all they want!” She rolls backwards and back onto all fours in one fluent motion, she began to charge Applejack as Ink took a pan to the face. However, this did not stop the knife from reaching that beautiful coat of orange fur.
Now bleeding from a laceration, from neck to shoulder, Applejack charges as well. “ Stop” he yells! Swinging the pan and catching Ink straight in the head. Ink Blot catches the end of that conveniently placed stool with her neck. *Snap* Applejack freezing in shock as if she was hit with a lighting bolt.
Ink Bolt is no longer moving…

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Wat? . . . I don't even . . . :rainbowlaugh: This was epic in its own weird way.

:rainbowkiss: ahahahaha oh my god man I love this

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