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Hello. My name is Rarity, and if you’re reading this, I’m probably dead. I have betrayed my best friends. Though I can never fully make amends for my actions, it would alleviate some of my guilt knowing that somepony learns of the terrible deeds I have done.

(DO NOT read in Rarity theme. There is a bit of colored text that is impossible to see with those theme colors. Try if you want but you've been warned.)

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Can't wait to read this after i'm done with shiny's secret! :pinkiehappy:

im going to rub this fic all over my body :trollestia:

Good start, but has a few incongruencies. It is as if it was written from watching the 'Cutie Mark Chronicles' and nothing else. It ignores the clear evidence of parents present in 'Sisterhooves Social'. You might be able to get past that with a few points in your story, if you knew what to do...but I'd be careful if I were you...Rarity fans can get...irrational. Over-all it's good so far. I'll look forward to what you can present.

>throwing caution to the wind
NEVAR! :pinkiecrazy:
I should be pretty okay though. I've planned for such incongruencies, and well, this isn't exactly a Rarity-glorifying fic anyway.

Thanks for the tip tho. I'll keep it in mind.:pinkiehappy:

Why is the text in dark blue? I read on dark grey! :raritydespair: This is bad! Very bad! :raritycry:

Nah, not really. :derpytongue2:

3938294 Is ok.
3938333 Read in darkest. It was pretty.

3938364 ooh, that is pretty... :raritystarry:

Heh, I usually read in darkest, yeah. I write on Gdocs but I picked the colors after I made the transfer. Probably something to keep in mind in the future though.
Anywho, There's a purpose for it, but I'm not telling :pinkiehappy: You have to figure it out. :twilightsmile:

EDIT: I've switched the dark purple text to a light blue to make it easier to tell them apart with a light background. I'm keeping the blue for the fox's speech though. It's easy to read on all but the Rarity theme, ironically enough.



>tfw you return to a story after a year and a half to continue writing and you can't remember what half the subtle hints mean anymore
I knew I should have written them down. Oh well. :facehoof:

Oh. Is not dead yet.

So sorry it took so long. I've been working on it for the past two years, bit by bit, and finally it was worth posting. Then again, I've been pretty busy these past two years. A lot has happened. Here's hoping it won't take me another year to release the next chapter.

Well, that's certainly a compelling first chapter. I have to wonder how hard-AU this story is given Rarity's background: whether she merely lied about her past and somehow got adopted by her parents shown in Sisterhooves Social, or if this is something more divergent where she doesn't even have parents at all since her real ones got killed in a fire. It's certainly going to be a lot harder Rarity than canon Rarity is, though given the ending she is still at least capable of being a seamstress. Of course, associating her Cutie Mark with Snowflurry every time she sees it is going to bring some heartache, even if it also gives her the drive to keep on living.

I would say Rarity isn't very genre-savvy when it comes to trickster fox spirits, but she is a foal, and it's not like she probably has had enough literature or folklore up in the frozen north to know about fox spirits. Still, not clarifying her wish enough to make sure Snowflurry was alive (and of course she never mentioned Snowflurry by name either) is mostly on her :raritycry:

Since this is Rarity telling a story, I wonder how much of this is coloured by age, and how much of it is actually true-to-life. She seems to have certainly been taken by Crystal, at the least: a pony capable of exerting authority and keeping together a few creatures in a hellish frozen wasteland. There looks to be a bit of puppy love to it, too, despite the cruelty. Since this Rarity doesn't seem entirely mentally stable, it wouldn't surprise me one bit if her infatuation with Crystal and Crystal's cruelty to her are all mixed together in a weird Gordian knot of feelings.

That being said, since Rarity has shown herself to be useful for being able to scout out gems with magic, I can't imagine Crystal would be so eager to sell her off now.

Well, Rarity is quickly spreading a path of destruction and misery wherever she goes. The trickster fox spirit certainly gave her a good gift for stirring up just that. Unlike with Rose Compass, now she has a direct kill on her hooves, instead of an indirect murder.

Given what Gold Mine says in this chapter, I wonder what Crystal actually is. Perhaps a Windigo taken form as a filly?

Well, now Rarity's come to visit Ponyville.

So I guess Crystal is another pony that wandered into the fox in the north. Of course, she's been around for a lot longer than Rarity has, which beggars the question: is Rarity going to stay looking like a filly forever, or is she going to actually grow up into a mare? Crystal has definitely had lots of experience to be able to wily manipulate Rarity every which way though. I suppose after enough time in Ponyville there'll be a schism between Crystal and Rarity, and Crystal will lose.

SSSSSSSSSSH. You'll spoil the plot:raritywink:

So sad, but yet so powerful. :raritycry: :raritydespair: Will this become a fanfic classic?

Maybe if I finish it sometime this century :trixieshiftright: It's already much longer than I originally thought it would be.

Why do you have that bit of colored text, anyway?

Reasons. :raritywink:

I can tell you there is a specific reason for it, and I'm staying consistent with it, but I don't want to spoil it for you.

Damn, Pinkie is really messed up here. She's certainly a far cry off from the Ponks we all know and love. It shows in how drastic her pranks are. She definitely needs to tune it down :pinkiegasp:! Crystal certainly isn't helping with her antics...I am curious if she's taken the Cakes as her adoptive mom and dad, or if she's referring to her actual parents when she talks about mom and dad.

Good on Rarity for being a helping hoof there with Pinkie, being her literal shoulder to cry on, though. That's canon Rarity shining through, as opposed to what Crystal is trying to make her into.

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