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Canterlot Wedding Revelation · 1:09am Apr 22nd, 2012

It occured to me.

With the reveal that Shining Armor is the captain of the Canterlot Royal Guard, it makes me thing about Hero and what I've done with him.

With this knowledge, how differently would that frame Hero if I changed him to Shining Armor, and adjusted his actions according to such? I really have no idea. I'd have to approach the fic with an entirely different mindset.

I'm not going to try and work Shining Armor into the fic, I'm just thinking to myself how much would change as a result.

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I think his actions would be slightly different, if only because of his increased care for Twilight, and it gives you the possibility of Hero/Shining being bested and Twilight raging.

A lot would change... The entire battle scene just prior to the rise of Laputa springing first and foremost to my mind...

Well first of all, that would cut all his fighting up until this point since he's a unicorn. (and most if not all of Hero's battles are in the sky)
Would throw a wrench directly into the heart of his character.

Keep Hero as is.

This is your story, and everything seems to be running smoothly, so why change anything?

My advice? If you do add Shining, either demote Hero to Shining's trusted second in command, or split the military branches, with Shining as head of one, and Hero another. As someone else said, the change up from turning Pegasus Hero into Unicorn Shining would be a logistical nightmare.

Also? OMG! You're on FimFiction! Squeee! *Twilight Prance*

Shining is a captain of the Royal Guard, not the captain, I say that Hero still fits perfectly. From what the Royal Wedding showed us I take Shining Armor as more of a home front (Canterlot Castle) guard.

Noooope, I must apply the copy pasta. I've been going around trying to get authors to understand and I finally just started copy pasting. Fear my ctrl+v.

No. Fanon is fanon because it isn't canon. You can continue exactly thw way you planned and there would be nothing wrong with it. Unless your fanon is actually just canon, in which case I'd rather just watch the show instead of read what I've already seen.


Sorry, if that last bit comes off as a bit harsh, I'm just tired of people saying that this killed their fic. The show that inspired a story cannot kill that story. It inspired you to create your own universe based on another. Based on, not copied from. Copying this so I can paste it to other stories besides just ASMGD. FEAR MY CRUSADE.

End Copy Pasta. That said, I know you aren't rewriting, I just wanted to make sure I stomped on any thoughts of it. Either way, I still love this story, and a badass Pegasus is a much more novel novelty than a badass unicorn. I mean, they all have to compete with best pony (Twilight, most badass unicorn) so its just not fair.

80586 Why does nobody ever read the final comment of the post?

I did. Begin copy paste.

That said, I know you aren't rewriting,

End copy paste.

EDIT: Although, I can understand why you would have found it irritating. An irrelevant and unneeded blob of text. Apologies if it annoyed you.

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