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Hey guys! I write sadfics and sadfic accessories! Oh, and I also do comedy things. Yeah. Feel free to check out my stuff! And I hope you enjoy whichever story of mine you happen to be on! ^^

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    <Professional> It's... ALIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!

    Hello all! It's your friendly neighborhood sadfic writer, Chaotic!

    Y'know... the one who promises he is writing again but doesn't deliver for six months?

    Yeaaaaah.... I know, I suck.


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    It was raining outside.

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    If you follow Tempered by Flame, this is just a notification for you!

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    Yes, I'm writing again. Baby steps though, nothing too insane like a chapter every few days.

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    But for those who do...

    I've been feeling... Strange.
    About the writing thing. Yeah, that's right. I feel strange about my writing.
    It's not that I don't like it... It's that, well, I cannot seem to get myself writing.

    Is it writer's block? No.

    Is it real life issues? No.

    Is it just a bad case of the meh? Maybe, but I don't think it is.

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<Promotional> Art Stream For Someone · 3:35pm Oct 10th, 2013



Now that I have your attention, please don't skip past this post in your feed! This is something very important!

James Corck (and his family!), mod of Ask Movie Slate<Warning, is a little dark themed> and the artist behind the "Best Pony" logos

(Logos like this one~!)

Well, he's in a bit of financial trouble! I say a bit, but it's more like 900! That's right... he needs 900$ a month to live, and he can't handle it on his own at the moment! After debating with himself about it (trust me I've talked to him about it and he was very iffy on the whole thing) he has decided to try and ask the fandom for help. He's going to be doing art requests for anybody who donates to him, even best pony logos like the one above, only tuned for anypony you want! If you can only donate a little, it still helps!

Also, this stream with have a good bit of fun things to go along with it! Aside from James doing art as something pretty to look at, he's going to have a good friend of mine chatting and providing general conversation, and there's going to hopefully be a certain musician pony by the name of Vocal Score there as well!

(I promise he won't be a Vocal Bore! Haha, yeah I'll just continue talking now...)

Also, there's going to be a writer you all stalk fangirl over like teenagers who see a celebrity who has nice abs follow on this website! That's right, me! Chaotic Harmony is gonna be on the stream too, providing all sorts of craziness and general shenanigans as well as reading some poetry he took to competition a few months back!

So guys, if you wouldn't mind, please come and join us for a whole day of fun! Let's show that this fandom believes in the magic of friendship!

Stream Info
Date: Friday, October 11th (TOMORROW)
Time: 9am GMT, will run for the rest of the day! (You might need to convert this to your timezone.) < Nifty Converter for you to use! >
For me, at Central US time, it would be at: 4am Central. (Of course I'm going to show up later, but you get the idea.)
Location: Right here on this stream page!

So if anything, just come for entertainment! But if you can, and if you want to, please help James out! He really needs it!

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The link you did was off Chaotic. Here is the proper one :3

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