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PMV · 5:51am Sep 24th, 2013

I finally completed my first PMV! And I think it turned out quite well! Yay!
I would like your thoughts on it. Seeing as this is my first one.

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Comments ( 32 )

Cool. I like it.


Pretty good. Liked.

1372433 You're welcome. So, anything new happening with you? Been having good times with Red?

Um it's the holidays for me. :scootangel:
I haven't spoken to Red for a long time.

1372480 Really? Huh... well, I'm in college right now, Level 6/7 Computing. Maybe someday you'll be playing a game I've made...

Yep. Hehe maybe someday I will! :twilightsmile:

1372485 Here's hoping it's a good one. And if you have a chance at any point, maybe say hi to Red.

1372491 Alright then. Enjoy yourself.

Nice! The scene changes were actually kept within the beat. This makes me happy.:pinkiehappy::rainbowwild:

I can't watch videos here at shcool, but I say good job anyway! I will watch it when I get home after JROTC rifle team practice. have fun Luna! I need to go to get school work done.


First PMV I've seen that I actually like, the mood worked really well alongside the filters used, camera pans were also good.

Not sure if you also take Media Studies, but as a student in that area I know how time consuming this is - nice job man. :twilightsmile:


Wait, can your next PMV help me make sense of this freaking song? Maybe if it were put to ponies it might make sense!

Mmmm, that was needed. Thanks Luna! :raritywink:

Love from Flames! :heart:

ok, just watched it, and as I said, Good job. I have never heard that song before, but that was awsome.


Thank you. I was worried I would forever be out of the loop on this one

Thank you! And I don't take Media Studies at all.

1373427 1373648 1372580
Wow thanks! That really means a lot! :scootangel:



Damn, you did really well, even more so now.

1374178 no prob! also, This is Dachande, I changed my account a bit to match my OC.

Finally, a properly made dubstep PMV, where the bassdrop fits with the clips in the video. Plus the editing made it even more powerful, stronger and intense. Liked, faved, subbed immediately!
You'll go far with this, I'm telling you.

O-Oh gosh.. Thanks! :twilightsheepish:

1376698 Nothing to thank for.

Well done. Celestia shall like this on youtube because I am she also.

Celestia? Lol what. Um.. thanks!

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