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Theater Critic · 2:39pm Jul 31st, 2013

If you don't know TheaterCritic, then this doesn't concern you, and be glad that it doesn't. I was talking to him on Skype earlier, and he wanted me to post a blog post for him. Here's what he want me to post:

I just want Wind to be a regular OC, not a subject of reticule and an overused icon of trollfics. SO LEAVE WIND ALONE!

There... I talked him out to use less capitalization.

And on the other news, Inkie Pie is the new best pony, I got addicted to 'It'll be Okay', a song from the famous FiW, and I'm finally getting a brand new video card on my birthday; thank God, my computer's soon to be working again.

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Comments ( 10 )

So he still see's us on a alternate account? That could be the only way he knows that we are posting trollfics of his OC.


Or friends, those are a thing too.

Inkie Pie is the new best pony


Oh come on... I was trying to be dramatic and you ruined!



If he has friends, are they really friends... or... ARE THEY CULTISTS! :twilightoops:

So... Theater Critic is the antichrist?!:rainbowderp:

If he wants Wind to be taken seriously, he shouldn't have been such a butt when we gave him advice on how to fix Wind.

1252484 Told him that. Notice how the whole last sentence is the only one that had been capitalized? I told him to be nicer. and that's how he's being nice.

1252028 Nope. Like I said: we were talking on Skype, then asked me a favor of posting a blog post for him. After that, he demands a link, so I gave him the link.

1252346 We'll never know...

1252351 He might be.

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