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What I've Been Up To · 2:47am Jul 24th, 2013

...I had really hoped, when I first realized a few weeks back that I would eventually hit this milestone, that I would have a new story to post along with or at least announce at the end of that last post, but for various reasons the only thing I've written to completion since this story was a short snippet that I submitted to a semi-collaborative story, which might or might not get used by the primary author.

I have four or five ideas that I'm trying to turn into actual stories, but none of them have reached the point where I'm confident that I can turn them into a worthy followup to Unepic Pony War. But just so you get some reward for checking out this post, here are their working titles, and maybe a few words of explanation as to what they are and why you shouldn't be too sad you can't read them yet:

* Scrambled Destiny, yet another AU retelling of the first two episodes just like the six others that were posted while I wrote these posts, this one about a universe where the Mane Six "naturally" have the swapped cutie marks from Magical Mystery Cure.
* The Ascension of Mi Amore Cadenza, or Anowack wonders "just why is Cadance in charge of the Crystal Empire?" and "why was Twilight being foalsat by an alicorn princess anyway?" and "why would anyone read this when they could read Lady Prismia and the Princess-Goddess instead?"
* Magic Kindergarten Teacher. Princess Twilight Sparkle teaches Magic Kindergarten in Ponyville. Because triggering childhood trauma flashbacks is hilarious. This one is probably the closest to being "more stuff like Unepic Pony War." That also means it is the hardest to write, because comedy is difficult!
* Premature Ascension. Twilight Sparkle grows wings when she gets her cutie mark. Cadance is no longer allowed to foalsit, because apparently she is contagious. And then... I don't know yet!
* A Semi-Epic Pony Regency. Yes, that's a sequel to Unepic Pony War. No, I don't know how I'm going to resolve "who raises the Sun?" yet. No, I haven't figured out how this is going to be anything other than "like Regent but with Cadance also" yet either.

Just to be clear, though: except for Scrambled Destiny, which has a few thousand words written, all of these are just ideas at this point. Not all of them will become stories, and there's a good chance none of them will. But those are the stories I've been thinking about.

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Comments ( 9 )

Is it wrong that I want to call that next-to-last idea Premature Pteraformation?

ALL OF THEM!:pinkiehappy: Okay, they don't have to be all at once.:twilightsheepish: Ascension of Mi Amore however sounds particularly intriguing.

Seconded! And don't worry, there's still plenty of room for more Candybutt origin tales, IMO. it's a big gaping question in the canon and comparatively few people have leapt at it, at least when held up to other meaty fanon areas (I'm looking at you, Orphan Scootaloo.)

I really like the sound of Magic Kindergarten myself. Never enough of best poni after all.:twilightsmile:
Premature sounds pretty fun too though. :pinkiehappy:


All of them? I wish! But I'm really going to be lucky to get one of these out, with my typical writing speed and idea-to-story conversion ratios.

Fortunately for me your answers to those other two questions are quite different from mine. More seriously - my biggest problem with the story right now is a gaping hole where Prismia's history, personality, and motivations are. And that's sort of a fundamental building block, particularly given that I "have" to climax with Cadance redeeming her.

I really want Magic Kindergarten to work out; I just need to expand on that part of the plot outline that goes "And then something hilarious and heartwarming happens that demonstrates the themes of the story and helps Twilight get over her issues." Which is slightly difficult to come up with!

Anything I can help you with in terms of prereading or idea-bouncing, sling me a PM. :pinkiehappy:

I'm confused what the first one is about. Are our Mane Six turned into them again, or is it a universe where they were them to begin with? I actually wrote a blog post of my own about how they could have become the alternates from Magical Mystery Cure.

A universe where the Mane Six always were them to begin with.

1330002 Oh cool. That one sounds fun. So does Magic Kindergarten teacher and Premature Ascension.:twilightsmile:

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