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  • 437 weeks
    9gag post insipiration (B)

    You know, it's a little late to be coming out with this, but I have another story idea. This one was spawned from the 9gag post about writing a book where the character falls in love with the author. I was thinking this could work with Pinkie. However, I will not uses Anon as the author's name because I have never met anybody who would name their child Anon. So, that and another chapter of

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  • 439 weeks
    Why do I even do this? (P)

    As of recently, I begin to question my use of blogs if nopony ever reads them. Obviously they serve little purpose since I am not a highlighted event, but perhaps I see them as more.

    Perhaps I use blogs as a means of "communicating" with the outside world. But that's besides the point. I Toodle Flip, one of many, will continue to use blog posts! Stuff!

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  • 439 weeks
    Smooze story! (B)

    Yeah, still writing the smooze story. Not really much I can do to artificially lengthen the story, but whatever! Writing another chapter for it, and working on the ending for twinkless. I'll look for other stories to write, including the chronicle, but I would like to do my OC story. After all, Toodle Flip is feeling lonely!

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  • 440 weeks
    Chronicle Story update: (B)

    Alright, here is a sneak peak at the first description of the first crossover story

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  • 440 weeks
    Some news (B)

    Alright, I have some news. From what I can tell, I will mostly be going through my friend and editor Scintillance for stories. I will be writing the base of some, and Scintillance will spruce them up. I probably didn't get that right, but it means I won't really be publishing long stories much...

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Chronicle Story update: (B) · 12:27pm Jun 26th, 2013

Alright, here is a sneak peak at the first description of the first crossover story

First, was the betrayal. His father, his mother, and now, his friends. The fires and the fighting had damaged his body. The actions of those around him damaged his mind. After Matt left to see the world, Andrew was taken. While experimenting on him, he vanished, taking a portion of the building with him in an event horizon. Now stranded in a distant land, what will become of Andrew? His utter rage unsatisfied, his scars so deep, and his heart broken in two. One thing the beings of wherever he ended up will know,

His powers are strong,

But his anger is stronger.

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