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EG - Helping Twilight Win Her Crown · 8:44am Jun 23rd, 2013

Just saw this on Youtube.

Yeah... too bad I can't watch in the theaters. Damn, why can't they air it in Philippines?

Anyways, opinion:
It's so awesome! The animation is great, the music is outstanding, the choreography is weird... but nonetheless, cool. Vinyl Scratch is still my favorite DJ, Snips and Snails are still both the antagonist's lackey, Pinkie Pie is still breaking the fourth wall, I find Sunset Shimmer as a regular school bitch -- but still, I saw the 13 minutes end of the movie, and she wasn't all that bad. Except for being a candidate for Satan #2.

But I find her more awesome, and bad ass in her pony form.

Yep, Sunset Shimmer is now my new favorite pone; couldn't agree more with myself. I mean, who can't say no to this face:

I know I can't. So yeah, move it for the new best pone.

And also for the new best villain! ...Sorry Discord, you're reformed anyways; even Sunset topped out Gary Oak.

So yeah, I give it a 9.5 out of 10, because 10 is too mainstream.

Oh, and I noticed that Sunset has a cutie mark the resembles the sun, while Trixie has a cutie mark that resembles a moon, and Twilight's resembles the star; I smell something suspicious...

I guess that there three are the descendant of the current rulers, which is Celestia and Luna.

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Comments ( 11 )


Excuse me.

Now I really need to see the movie.

even Sunset topped out Gary Oak.

suck it ga(r)y!

I wanna see this movie so bad, but it's not coming to Europe.

1162303 I heard rumors about it, being petitioned to play in Europe. But that's just rumors.

But if it didn't, well, this is the internet.

1162305 I hope it comes. It's going to Austrialia in October I believe. Still searching for YouTube or iTunes realase...

I'll just get straight to the point.
"I mean, who can't say no to this face"
who 'could' say no
"I guess that there three are the descendant of the current rulers"
There are a few ways to fix this but the easiest would be to change 'there' to 'these' or switch 'three' and 'are' remove 'the' and put 's' at the end of 'descendant'.

Now about the video, it was catchy, and I don't know why you mentioned the choreography because everyone in MLP is born amazing at it. Honestly I only have one gripe with the video, and that is that there was no anthropomorphic raindrops!!! And also out of the pictures you have here, I like the second the best.

1162441 I don't know, their dancing just crept me out a bit, and about the pone, yeah, I always use that word instead of 'pony'.

1162455 Alright. EDIT TIME.

Man, I saw that movie yesterday and I was totally blown away.:pinkiehappy:

1163025 I really wish I could see the movie myself.

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