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The Greyfeather Chapter Hub · 7:26pm May 12th, 2013

As a writer, I think Greyfeather needed more work. So I removed it from Fimfic.

Fear not, though. It's only been taken down to get an increased layer of polish, and a different perspective that should work better in the story's favor.

Here's the (formerly) secret chapter hub for Greyfeather: Click Here

It's an open document with comments enabled, and it has links to the first five chapters (all completed and presentable) as well as to the new experimental First Person rendition of the first chapter, even though it's not finished yet. Access to this chapter hub will remain open forever.

Edit: I think I'll keep this blog post up for a while as I gain more news to share.

The first chapter has been rewritten in first person. I decided to make it much smaller than it was before.

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Comments ( 2 )

aw horseapples, I didn't manage to read it before you took it down :fluttercry:
now I'm torn whether I should read it as it is through gdocs, or, if I should wait for the reupload which you mentioned...

I too was not aware of the release of this fic. I'll wait till you're done with the update to read it.

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