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On the next chapter of Apples at Sunset [Editors needed] · 5:27am Apr 1st, 2013

So, the rough draft for the next chapter of Apples is complete and was sent off to my editors... a week ago. I haven't heard a peep from them so, unfortunately, I'll have to assume they're either busy with other things or otherwise unable to help. It's totally understandable, as I asked them to edit for me MONTHS ago when I first started this and they haven't heard anything from me in this gap between chapters. I can't expect people to stick around and tie up their schedules just for me.

However, this does mean I need new editors. I'm not going to be quite so picky this time around, I just need a couple people who know grammar and the basics of writing. Here's a short list of what I want from an editor:

1. Can point out grammar mistakes.
2. Can tell me when a sentence doesn't read smoothly.
3. Can tell me when my ideas are fucking crazy.
4. Can tell if a scene is too short or too long.
5. Isn't afraid to point out things he/she thinks are mistakes.

Please, don't contact me if you don't honestly think you can do these things. My chapters only really look good because the editors can catch all the little mistakes I make. I will select two people for editing. I would like to be able to spoil the rest of the story to you, since I think it's fairly important I get outside opinions on how the last two chapters go down.

Either send me a message or leave a comment on this blog post. I'll get back to the people I've chosen as soon as I can. I want this chapter released just as much as you do.

Also, I've already written 2000 words of the next chapter, which I'm alright with pacewise. I think the whole chapter will end up being a little longer than the average BUT once I finish it, this story will be pretty much done, outside of the epilogue.

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oh! you mean that only are two chapters left? nuuuuu! :raritydespair:
please do more! this story is so awesome! there are a lot tht you can still add! XD
and for about editors you need.... sorry I cant help you there XD

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