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First Post, Future of Twilight Struggle · 11:43am Mar 26th, 2013

Just because not too many people are watching doesn't mean it's not a good idea to behave as though they are.

So, Twilight Struggle is coming to it's conclusion in the next few chapters. For those of you who are wondering, or care - Struggle is the first part of a three part story. The second part, "The Twilight Fall" will be venturing into much more mature territory than the first, and will include the Mature rating tag. So be ye warned. I intend to take a short break from the story between parts to clean up the first part and make it more presentable before I submit the fic en-masse to other FanFiction sites, to reviewers and also to various Pony news sites and blogs in an attempt to generate interest in the series as a whole.

I am also going to use the break as an opportunity to start a separate Fic called "The Code's Apprentice" - which will use the framework of the Jedi / Sith Dichotomy as a means of exploring the characters of Twilight Sparkle, Princess Cadence, Princess Celestia and King Sombra. Other characters that will be important at this time are spoilers. This will NOT be a crossover fic, just to let you know ahead of time. This fic will be of non-specific length, but will probably go on for some time. It's release schedule will depend much on how popular it ends up getting, if it generates a great deal of interest, I will be more inclined to update it much quicker.

As a further note, I am currently looking for a Proofreader / Editor to assist me in making Twilight Fall a superior story to Struggle by helping me rein in some of my less-than-good impulses as a writer, and let me focus on the writing parts of the story.

In between these two major fics, I intend to try my hooves at a few one shots that will be focused on character exploration and tightening up my narrative, as well as doing some fun stuff.

I invite all of you who are reading Twilight Struggle to please feel free to provide constructive comments and criticism, and please continue to spread the word about the story amongst chat rooms, fellow Bronys and websites. Followers make me feel special, but asking for that seems kind of faux pas.

Hope you enjoy the thrilling conclusion to Twilight Struggle!

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