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  • 406 weeks
    High ate us.

    It makes me sad to say that "The Good, The Bad, and The Patsy" is officially going on hiatus. Not that it's any different to you guys who've gone over a month with no update, but that's the official call. I've got too many other priorities right now, so all the time I use to put care into my writing isn't available.

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    Slow n Steady

    I'm so glad that "The Good, The Bad, and The Patsy" got such a warm reception. Except for that one guy who spent too much time on TVtropes and called Luna's employment policies a "Moral Event Horizon" and vaguely threatened me. That was less warm.

    But the rest of you, you people are great! Waiting all patient and such.

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    Keep an eye on your notifications, ladies and germs~!

    You just might see a new story coming down the tubes! Or the tracks, if I'm going to stay thematically consistent with it.

    And if this link works by the time you see it, CHECK DIS SHIT OUT


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    I'm not dead I swear, also pictures!

    I was just spending a few months in a Columbian prison for drug smuggling but I dug my way out with a spoon.

    The next chapter of Love and Harmony is going great, aside from one major snag. Being that for the last three months, both me and my coauthor both thought the other was going to write it. HAHA OOPS.

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  • 428 weeks

    The stray thought may have come to you that "Love and Harmony" hasn't updated in a month.

    Sorry about that. Uni got busy in the last month and the only reason it updated in April was because my gracious co-author TheGreyPotter handled it.

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Well that was neato. · 5:55pm Feb 16th, 2013

Rushed as all hell, oh my god shut up with the songs, and boy do these horses like forming impromptu parades, but not terrible. Better than what a lot of people were probably expecting, but worse than I'd hoped. I wonder how many butthurt fans are going to immolate themselves in protest of the ending? You weren't supposed to read that go away

My only issue with it, predictably, was the lack of Discord. At least have him floating around in the background or something. They said they had use for his magic for good, I wanna see what's up with that. Unless the purpose was just to make me happy, because it did, very much so, then... I lost track of where this sentence was going. Uh, rabble rabble rabble Discord rabble.
I like to imagine that Discord wanted to go, but Celestia said his dress was too revealing.

Well, that's it until the two-part premiere next season that will conclude this three parter.

Enjoy the wait

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They always use songs to move the plot if they need to get a point across that would otherwise need to be represented by several events, but would also take too much time. I guess it's just because a song can be much more abstract in its progression of events. I still think Keep Calm and Flutter On could have been two whole episodes.

But anyways, it made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. The songs were appreciable, at least. If this is how they introduce Twilicorn, then I guess I'm more okay with it than before.

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