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27, Female, Iowan, College Graduate. Favorite Pony: Celestia. Favorite Not Pony: Discord. Yeah, I like Equestria's Gods, so that's what most my fics are going to be about!


A Spy. A Scholar. A Musician. A Magician.  Trapped in a city of shadows and nightmares, four teens bridge the barrier between their worlds

Well hey look at that! A story that is totally 100% original and definitly not based on ponies, I swear! :pinkiehappy:

Yep, The Steadfast Sky has a website now! It's live with samples with the soon-to-be-printed version of the story! With the book coming sometime this summer, I thought I'd give you guys a taste of whats to come! It starts the exact same way I started on EqD : With a Celestia Melody, Luna Violet, and Discord Brynth chapter, right there for the taking. Now with illustrations by the illustrious Paige Halsey Warren!

Start here if you want to skip the samples, and just start reading the dang story! I might start using this new website as a blog too, since tumblr seems to be on fire these days? I'll do another post here and... basically everywhere else once the actual book book is out in print. BUT FOR NOW : A THING!! :pinkiegasp:

Thank you for reading, see you this summer!

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So I added your story to my read later list and I realize that it has thirty nine chapters. Like, how am I supposed to read thirty nine chapters? I have no idea but then I look more carefully.....

'The Steadfast Sky' 342'180 words.

I'm not saying this a bad thing, but it sets for a challenge for me to try and read this monolith of a story. I was kind of curious as to who this insane person was so I clicked on your name and at the top of your page it says.

24, Female

Wow. I don't meet to many other girls on this site, so it really stood out to me that not only have you written a monster of a hit but also are in the minority of females who are not just writers, but good writers. It is going to be an honor reading your story, not only as a fellow brony but as someone who is nearly a decade younger than you. I look forward to seeing what lessons I can take from your words.

- Arcelia

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Damn, why wasn't I following you before? :rainbowlaugh:

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Ahaahah Another pony that finds Celestia the best !!!!

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