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  • 456 weeks

    Perhaps a spoiler, perhaps a harsh reminder that I've been inactive for nine long months X_x
    ... If it's the former, hopefully something people will refer to at some point :)

    - That One Guy

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  • 469 weeks
    A Mote of Dust - Standard Procedures

    Hi, it's me again, That One Guy (s'alright if you forgot who I am, its been almost half a year of inactivity D:)
    I felt horrible for getting hopes up for a Mote of Dust: Hearts + Hooves edition and failing to deliver, and so if you resent me for pulling that, however unintentional, lead-on, I suggest stopping now :<


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  • 478 weeks
    (Mostly Changeling) Idea dump :'(

    Hello people venturing into the blogosphere! (Or my userpage, but what're the chances of that XD)
    It may be saddening, but I'm releasing all of the story ideas I never really got around to digging into - this is due completely and 100%'ly to my complete and utter failure as a non-erratic writer :/

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  • 484 weeks
    For the sake of a blog~

    Why hello there, 77 followers! It is I, your friendly neighborhood That One Guy, here to bring good tidings!

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  • 489 weeks

    I... I got onto the front page... With a story that wasn't marked mature... On the mature-visible Fimfiction front page!

    Fans I love all of you. :')

    That is all. Took a screenpic to happily remember. Mom watching everything I type because I was so excited. I'm so excited :D

    Thank you, everyone, you are all truly the best :3

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And, as I say 'adieu' to Aticama (Mexico).... · 10:41pm Jan 8th, 2013

... I throw another story at you. Hopefully, not as saddening as most of the other one-shots I threw up during my stay in the tropics :D
Unfortunately, this will probably be the last one for quite a while, given that back up in Oregon, League of Legends/school/plays (Irene the musical this time!) pretty much eat up all my free time. (Or, you know, I'll somehow continue to crank stuff out anyhow and totally eat my words right now O_o)

AS IT STANDS THOUGH, I may not be the bestest author, or the most popular one (shakes fist at Anon. Pegasus, idol I've somehow been following for - what - three years now?), but it has been my pleasure writing for you all. All the upvotes, the random smiley comments (Portalz0000r >:L), criticisms and happy comments really meant - really mean - the world to me.

So, without further ado, I sign off :)
- That One Guy

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See you on League then XD

:D lookin' forward to it!

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