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  • 127 weeks
    Surprising No One

    I'm peacing out. I'm not gonna delete my stories because I know some peeps might care about them still.
    I went through a lot of stuff over these years and writing some of this weird stuff helped me through it (somehow) so I don't regret it, even if it was weird af.

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    6 comments · 502 views
  • 262 weeks
    Anywhere But Here's New Home

    Wow it's dusty in here.
    So, gals and pals, my partner and friend, Stonershy, nuked their fimfic account, as is their right to do.
    So over the next little bit, I'm going to, with their expressed permission, be putting Anywhere But Here on my account.

    So I guess stay tuned for that?

    18 comments · 822 views
  • 376 weeks

    So I'm going through and editing a couple things here and there in a few stories. I'll let you know the specifics once I'm done.
    After that, who knows, maybe some new content!

    3 comments · 398 views
  • 486 weeks
    I posted a thing again. A FoE thing. Surprise.

    So a while back I wrote a thing where a pony kissed another pony on the no-no while she was thinking about zombies and people seemed to like it, so now it's here too!

    Enjoy! Again!

    1 comments · 569 views

Whoops · 4:17am Dec 26th, 2012

The latest Fimchan updates messed everything up, so I'm taking my stories down for maintenance so I can fix them.
To explain all my stories are now incorrectly formatted, spaced, etc. So every single one needs to be gone through and fixed.
Line by line. And it's not in any particular pattern of error.

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*Heaves* Okay, now my anger is out. Well, before I lose it, go finish up those updates.

Double Ewe, Tea, Eff? :pinkiegasp:

*Edit* Odd... Only one story seems to be down. I thought you implied that all of them were down.

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