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I like violence, heavy metal and talking multicolored ponies

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  • Sunday
    WTFIWWY-More Than Meets The Eye

    This week's life lessons learned:

    -Don't steal a tractor. Definitely don't steal one with the intent to go to a college campus to kill 2 people and then go on a vehicular rampage. GTA is not a LARP. Also: Great work in reinforcing that negative stereotype.

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  • Sunday
    Spooky eclipse prophesies

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  • 1 week
    WTFIWWY-Beware of the Fuzzy Cows

    Guest co-host for this week-Linkara.

    Life lessons we learned this week:

    -If your kid keeps insisting they're hearing mobsters in their closet, carefully investigate it, there might be bees. Also, dear sweet evil Jesus! That's a lot of bees!

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  • 2 weeks
    WTFIWWY-Saint Francis of Atari(AI Priest)

    The life lessons we learned this week:

    -Cicadas are loud. This year is a rarity, multiple cicada broods have emerged, something that hasn't happened since 1803. The police are powerless to stop horny insects.

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  • 3 weeks
    Concerning the changes in Warhammer 40,000

    In case you're a normie or know nothing about Warhammer 40,000, I'll catch you up. The Custodes, the personal bodyguards for the God-Emperor of Man, just recently released a new codex, a book that contains the rules and lore tidbits for the faction. In a single paragraph bit of fluff it tells the story of a female Custodes. I won't go all that deep into the lore and fluff of that story. I get it,

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WTFIWWY-A Leg and A Leg · 9:14pm March 24th

This week the life lessons we learned are:

-Do not impersonate cops, they don't like it and will arrest you.

-You could be minding your own business going to the store or walking down the street or whatever and suddenly naked stranger...and you know it's never going to be someone you want to see naked.

-Don't get high before going to a courtroom. If you do, don't admit to it, that's what we call self-incrimination. Drugs are bad, mm-kay.

-Don't make bomb threats, especially don't do so at an airport, they really don't like that and you'll go to jail, if the cops don't turn you into human Swiss cheese first. Also the Fort Meyers news needs to do better on its spellcheck.

-Don't sell Fentanyl. Drugs are bad, mm-kay. Also, his lip gloss game is on point.

-Don't intentionally harm yourself for an insurance scam, they will investigate you and you will go to jail. Maybe instead just go with the good old standby of getting into a fender bender, roll out of you car while holding you neck and writhe on the ground while claiming you're in incredible pain. I'm not condoning insurance fraud, but there are safer means that doesn't involve inflicting harm on yourself to the point where you need to get a double amputation.

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