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Episode Preview - Thunderborne · 11:46pm February 8th

I've been looking forward to this Tuesday's episode, Episode 50! It's a fun one! Have sneak peak!

Thunderborne thanked Argo for the information and left the shadow of the building they were conducting their business in. There were plenty of reasons why the top info broker kept to the shadows but none of them concerned Thunderborne, so long as she could find her when she needed her. Thunder had very few concerns and the information she had bought was her top priority, albeit not a very big concern. Nuisance was the better term for the situation.


The only logical way to solve that would be to see who could win in a head-to-head duel. It was risky, especially for members of the Assault Team, to duel. With their weapons and skills, a hard fought half-lose duel could result in either of their HP being barely above the halfway point, and taking critical damage could eliminate the last of it. Unfortunately, a first strike duel wasn't going to cut it. Either of them could get lucky with their speed. It would prove nothing if both could claim it was a fluke.

Malus was usually the person Thunder could compete against, but with how SAO's skills and stats worked, the two of them were not evenly matched in anything. Malus was undisputed when it came to strength and Thunder could run and flip her way around Malus all day long. Agility and speed were something Malus lacked. For a while they had competed for kill count, but soon Malus was doing more defending and less killing, eliminating that competition. They hadn't been able to find anything new they could compete in for a few months and the daily clearing activities were not a challenge, they were a grind. Dueling [The Player] would have to suffice.


The challenge had to be public. They had a field boss meeting in two days. That would be a good time to spring it, but she couldn't do so without any warning. [The Player] could easily decline without taking a reputation hit if [they were] blindsided by the request and unprepared for such a resolution. Not that Thunder would blame [them]. She herself would have to consider a lot if someone randomly challenged her to a duel. A proper challenge really required a time to be set for the duel to take place.

Thunderborne decided to use a letter. She could have one of the other Wondercolts give it to a messenger. There was no formal postal service in Aincrad, but players had picked up messenger and courier occupations to make col. She didn't want [The Player] to expect Thunder to be the one challenging [them] to a duel, only to be ready for one.

[The Player], I respect you and I know that your skills have earned you a nickname. It may not be unduly given, but I hope you are prepared to back it up during the next field boss meeting. For honor, glory, and reputation; you will have to earn the right to bear that title.

Thunder was satisfied with that note. It was to the point and brief, but not incriminating Thunder or the Wondercolts. It should be enough to ensure [The Player] was mentally ready for a duel.

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interesting. I theorze the player she's challening is Kirito lol

Fun theory! I know you're going to love the episode!

i do not doubt that seeing as i have loved all the others too lol:twilightsmile:

I'm gonna chime in and say it's Asuna lol. I doubt Rainbow would care if Kirito gained The Black Swordsman as a nickname, but someone other than her gaining the nickname The Flash? Intolerabuble. :rainbowhuh:

Touche, you make a good point about that:derpytongue2:

That's also a good guess.

Side Note: The GIF is unrelated. It's one I've been waiting to use for Thunderborne since it's Asuna using her rapier, the closest I can get to Dash doing similar stuff.

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