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Episode 47 - Sneak Peak · 9:23pm January 19th

Tuesday's episode is from the view of our favorite cotton candy girl, Konpeito/Pinkie. It was a joy to write.

The others ahead of them stopped walking because they were finally at the boss chamber. It hadn’t taken too long to return to where they had already been. Everyone started ensuring they were ready and in their groups. Konpeito looked at the door. She recognized parts of it!

"VALHALLA!" Konpeito exclaimed.

Heathcliff's sword was raised up and he looked like he was about to speak, but it was Asuna who did and she didn't look happy. "What?" Asuna growled.

"The door says Valhalla," Konpeito explained.

"There’s no writing on it," Asuna stated.

"Well, duh," Konpeito said, rolling her eyes. "But it also doesn't have a mouth to say something. It does have the symbol for Valhalla at the very top, in the center, above the doors. The keystone has the carved Valknut symbol, three triangles interwoven to create nine triangles, one for each world realm in Norse mythology. It also is the symbol for death.

"Also on the door is Gungnir, Odin's spear; Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor except it's upside down. Interestingly enough, it bears a squared off version of the swastika on the head that symbolizes the life forces: power, holiness, prosperity, continuity, luck, and fire; each side of the doorframe has the Web of Wyrd symmetrically carved on it, which is the symbol for fate, how the past, present, and future are interwoven and affect each other; I see a stylized circular version of Yggdrasill, the great tree, with its branches circling around to become the roots; Huginn And Muninn, the two ravens, are facing each other. Other things are on it as well.

"I'm telling you, it's Ragnarök! Loptur will return."

"Last time she was correct," Asuna stated as she looked at Heathcliff. "The change happened at the very end, well past what a scouting party would be able to discover."

"There is no way to prepare for it, correct?" Heathcliff asked Asuna.

"Correct," Asuna nodded. "At least we know this time that there is the possibility of a radical change."

Heathcliff looked at Konpeito. "Wondercolt, pay attention to the battle. Watch for any changes so you can give us the best warning possible. For the rest of us, we shall proceed as planned. If this boss fight truly is the fate of the gods, then we shall strike them down. We shall be their fate as we cut loose another chain preventing our liberation!"

Konpeito smiled as his short speech got a thunderous applause from the players. She would be ready. For now, she was happy with the pictures she had snuck of Heathcliff and Asuna standing side-by-side in front of a boss chamber door.

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