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    Perhaps a spoiler, perhaps a harsh reminder that I've been inactive for nine long months X_x
    ... If it's the former, hopefully something people will refer to at some point :)

    - That One Guy

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    A Mote of Dust - Standard Procedures

    Hi, it's me again, That One Guy (s'alright if you forgot who I am, its been almost half a year of inactivity D:)
    I felt horrible for getting hopes up for a Mote of Dust: Hearts + Hooves edition and failing to deliver, and so if you resent me for pulling that, however unintentional, lead-on, I suggest stopping now :<


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    (Mostly Changeling) Idea dump :'(

    Hello people venturing into the blogosphere! (Or my userpage, but what're the chances of that XD)
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    For the sake of a blog~

    Why hello there, 77 followers! It is I, your friendly neighborhood That One Guy, here to bring good tidings!

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    I... I got onto the front page... With a story that wasn't marked mature... On the mature-visible Fimfiction front page!

    Fans I love all of you. :')

    That is all. Took a screenpic to happily remember. Mom watching everything I type because I was so excited. I'm so excited :D

    Thank you, everyone, you are all truly the best :3

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Of Humans and Equestria · 6:13pm Dec 21st, 2012

Sorry, but I'll likely post a blog with each new story, and given that I just submitted one I wrote in pretty much no time at all...
Yeah :x

Anyways, pretty generic plot - Teenage human dies in the stupidest of ways, embodiment of death is a pony, you know how it goes.

... Haaaaa gotcha - its actually a oneshot! Made specifically to poke fun at that storyline, too!
Hopefully, any of you guys who hate HiE's that do that (or love them, all are welcome to read it :D) will enjoy my silly little fic.

Also its second-person present tense. *shudders*. Never doing that again, and hopefully never humans again... Ponies are just so much funner :)

- TOG out!

EDIT: CURSE YOU DOCTOR POSTQ! CURRRSEEE YOUUU! T_T ... making me wait two hours :(

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Comments ( 3 )

Bah. I hate the "Equestria is Heaven" storylines. At least this one is meant as a "Middle Finger" to all the other stories of it's ilk.:trollestia:

I know, its like they're going out of their way, logically speaking, just to throw humans in there O_o
And as such I serve to smash their fantasies >:3

... As it stands though, I wonder where my story is..

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