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Presenting a new perspective type · 6:05pm Nov 28th, 2023

May I present to you:


Quantum perspective is defined as a delusion pertaining to the existence of objects, places, people, and emotions as unpredictable until experienced.
One extreme version is believing the object, place, person, or emotion ceases to exist until it is experienced once more. It relies entirely on the basis of quantum physics and Schrodinger's Cat. Only by perceiving the object, place, person, or emotion in real time does it exist in that space. Until then, it could be anywhere. Likewise with the Schrodinger Principle: there is no way to know for absolute surety the state of the object, place, person, or emotion until it is seen or experienced.

I hereby diagnose myself with this delusion.

I can't truly believe in the existence of something until I experience or see it. This is why I cannot believe in a tangible God. This is why I cannot trust people.
And some of it may come from past traumas. This delusion may have formed as a way of protecting myself from the existence of things that could potentially harm me by removing knowledge of it entirely until it is seen or experienced again.

Just a thought.
Figured I'd share.

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Quantum Perspective is such an interesting concept to me. It’s really interesting seeing this from other people’s perspectives especially if it contradicts your own set of ideals and beliefs. Thank you for sharing this!

I’ll make sure to do some research and attempt to interact with you soon as I’d love to learn more from someone who actually has this. Thank you again!

Most of it actually came from my own mind, I've never seen it, heard of it, or anything really similar to it at all. I just happened to realise everything I perceived and whatnot just sort of happened, I didn't know what to call it until I learned about quantum physics, or at least, a vague idea of it. I didn't know quite what else to call it.

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