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  • Sunday
    The Hot Ones Challenge

    A story in four parts:

    My goals were the following:

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  • Saturday
    Hot Ones Challenge Very Likely Happening Tomorrow!

    Well, after planning, preparing, and lining up schedules, it's looking like my Hot Ones Challenge is happening tomorrow evening.

    After that, I'm hoping it won't take very long to edit into something watchable. I figured this way was better than doing a spice challenge live for Extra Life 2021, where I hastily angled my webcam and it was 20 minutes of my stomach and the table.

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  • Tuesday
    Tonight is going to be entertaining for sure.

    Over the weekend, I discovered that I am really not good at writing Teen-rated sex scenes. Almost got me kicked out of a Discord server.

    One of the comments was:

    Couldn't you have them play video games together instead?

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    It's Here!

    More than a week early, too.

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    Make Your Mark Chapter 6 and Tell Your Tale Episode 68

    Warning: Incoming novel. Make Your Mark Chapter 6 spoilers after the break!

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Gonna be a wait for DLC, or a crazy long wait for a third game... · 5:33am September 30th

Just beat Freedom Planet 2 tonight. Thanks to Ori, I know that I shouldn't be all that shocked that a 2D speed platformer has this much heart and soul poured into it, but this game's lore absolutely floored me.

I was also lucky enough to stumble upon a reddit post saying to nab all of a certain collectible before heading to the final boss, because the True ending is much, much better.

I just want more, especially when it comes to the lore. A comic, a manga, anything to tide me over until either DLC or a third game, which is likely years and years away (eight years between FP1 and 2).

Still, I think this is an absolute lock for my personal Best Yesteryear Game this year.

Well, I'm off to bed. Took a break from writing pony tonight to finish the latest chapter of my ongoing Sonic X fic. Likely back to writing MLP tomorrow.

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(Anthropomorphic) Dragonair :derpyderp1:?

Merga, the amazing main villain.

I know, I'm just joking :P

Also that artwork looks awesome

From the animator that was commissioned for the announcement trailer back in 2015.

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