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Thunderstorm Story #3 · 9:38pm September 19th

The next update for my Thunderstorm Story can be published and, this time, it is a little different, because this is more something like a honorary entry, as I was down sick with fever when a thunderstorm happened last Wednesday. I also could not tell how long it lasted, but as to not break the spirit of this writing experiment, I just wrote a new part in honor of this thunderstorm now that I'm doing mostly better.

Only a small bit of progress here again, but more of the new, atmospheric writing style I'm trying out, and it ends with a tiny cliffhanger. Have Fun and Happy Reading! :scootangel: Oh, and if you need a refresher, here are links to the first two parts:

Thunderstorm Story

Thunderstorm Story #2

A few crumbs of bread took care of the rest of this dastardly plan of mine. I scattered them carefully next to her face, before sneaking back to my shivering guest.
She devoured all that I had brought her; half a loaf of bread, two hard-boiled eggs – prepared for breakfast by the kitchen staff right before going to bed, my lord liked to get up with the sun – an apple and a jug of fine apple cider, while I got a fire ready. The flames danced over the walls of my chamber in a frightful way, perchance a warning for the things that would come upon the house that night, but if it was, then I did not heed it, I did not believe in the tales that ponies were telling in the taverns late at night, when nopony wanted to be the first to leave. As only one of very few, I dismissed them as ramblings from nervous ponies whose agitated heads created demons when they heard cattle behind the doors of closed barns or another nightly homecomer who they could not make out in a dark corner.
After all the food and the cider were gone, the filly was finally able to talk and I could begin to unravel her mystery. What she told me was as frightful as it was ordinary.

Stay easy as a filly!

~ Fluttercheer

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I'm getting interested in this story now. Keep it going!


Yes, this story will continue. But only during thunderstorms. That's the rule. :scootangel:


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