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Thunderstorm Story #2 · 2:12am September 1st

And the story already continues! This happened faster than I thought. There was a short thunderstorm on Monday and this means I could sit down and write the first update after the start and initial announcement.
If you want to re-read the beginning first or are new to this series, click here for Part 1 or to see what this is all about. Other than that, the first update is below, enjoy it and happy reading! :scootangel:

At first, everything remained normal. But this is how these encounters usually start, as I am now aware of. I sat her down on my bed, I didn't mind that the water running down her meager body was soaking the sheets or that the dirt and grime of her clothes sullied the blanket. My lord would sure scold me for not keeping my bed tidy and unblemished and I did not desire his punishments, but this little, fragile being was more important to me. I had a life to save and a life I would save, I had sworn to myself.
I was plundering the pantry that night, but the punishment for stealing food was too draconic and frightful, so I decided to blame it on the scullery maid. She was a fool and known for mistakes that soon became the most fancied gossip in the city and that threatened the reputation of my lord and his trade. She was chubby as well and I knew everypony would believe it to be nothing but the truth that her appetite prevailed over her allegiance, last night, when the rest of the house was in deep slumber.

Stay easy as a filly!

~ Fluttercheer

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