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Checking on you guys. · 9:55pm Jun 6th, 2023

Hey guys.

If you don't really remember me, I completely, completely understand. My account has been all but dead for the last, say, year? Year and a half? Anyways, I'd like to say something.
I'm going to try and write something, but life has not been charitable enough with free time so that I could actually write something decent that I'm proud of and can publish to this site for you guys to read. My lack of free time, alongside writer's block and other personal issues that I'd rather not get into, is what led to me not writing here, and what led to me cancelling any of my stories.
At the end of the day, however, I know that most people don't exactly view my stories in a good light, as one of my last stories I had published was titled "Spike takes a Sh*t", which I still have zero regrets to writing btw, but it makes me come off as someone who doesn't take writing seriously, and honestly, while I don't view my writing as grandiose and, well, good, I do put actual effort into all of my stories.
Except Spike takes a Sh*t, because that was the whole point.

ANYWAYS, I want to know if y'all haven't forgotten me, and what exactly you guys have been up to all this time, would love to hear from y'all.


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Welcome back, bro. If you wanna get back into writing, just take your time because I don't want you to put out something you aren't proud of.

I'll be honest, I mostly remember you from Spike Takes a Sh*t, which was a glorious fic, of course, but yes shitposts do give the impression of non-serious writing, no matter how much effort you put into them. All the same, I see no reason why you can't follow that with something serious that you're proud of.

If you're looking for places to start, I'd recommend checking out the thousand words contest. I'm going to try to submit something into all five categories this time, and we've got about two months to do it, so that should be plenty of time.

As for what I've done since the Epoch of Spike began, well, I spent a few months staring at my unfinished horror fic, then I wrote an April Fools shitpost that got featured for almost a whole week. Fun times.

Taken negatively? Nah Bro, "Spike Takes A Sh#t" Is S Tier Shitposting.

As for your other stories, hell if i remember them, But i distinctly remember enjoying them.

Keep being you man, people like it? great! if not. oh well.

OH SHIT Your that fuggin guy!! Take all that i said and double it lmao. You make funny shit.

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