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Furry Foray Festival -- Reminder: only 30 days left! · 8:46pm Mar 3rd, 2023

Only 30 days until the April 2nd deadline for the Furry Foray Festival contest!

And remember -- even for those of you who aren't into anthros and furries, you can still have fun! You can ponify your furry babe of choice if you want!

So get out there and give it a try -- time is running out!

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Pony Loona? Love both.

Now write a story about her... ^.^

I’ve made multiple story scenarios that I think would turn a lot of heads, but I haven’t had the time lately to put them on paper. If someone wants to use or adapt my ideas I would love to help someone win.

Where do you find that picture or did you make it yourself?

But putting the stories on paper is how you make dat paper!💵

I just google image searched for ponified versions of these furry babes -- this was by far the best of the bunch that turned up!

Ah gotcha. Still like it. Plus I think both loona and luna would be very good friends

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