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Well done on the writing for Xenophilia. It's some of the best fanfiction work I've seen anywhere, period. It's up there with the Redwall, Discworld, Xanth, and Young Wizard series's prose, continuity, and overall sense of being truly well-defined. As an avid reader of all types of stories from a very young age, that is saying something.

You've done well, Anon. I only hope that, with practice, I can come close to your level of skill as a wordsmith. Your type of work is something this world needs more of, and desperately.

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Soooo... Are you going to be working on the side-stories? Do you have any ideas?

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So, working on anything currently?

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>>312863  Yeah,.  Pinkie.  She's  not  actually  as  random  as  many  people  presume.  Pinkie  is,  for  all  intents  and  purposes, ADHD.  Just  like  me.  My  friend,  when  he  first  showed  me MLO,  asked  if I  was  psychic,  or  if  I'd  alreadywatched  the  episode,  because I  kept  getting  PoPinkie's  lines  before  she  did.  It's  how I  think.  Going  off  tangentially  I'd  not  random,  it's  just a  series  of  thoughts  that  lead  you  from  one  thing  to  another.  For  example,  if  you  were  to  tell  me  that  we  needed  to  speak  about  the  elephant  in  the  room, I  would  get a  thought  in  my  head.  Elephant,  maybe.  This  time,  it  was  The  Room.  The  Rom... Tommy Wisau. Tommy Gun. Gungun.  Jar- Jar's a  Gungun.  And  then  suddenly: " Where  would  Jar- Jar,Binks  even  HIDE an  elephant?"

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One interesting thing to note: You've become so famous as an anonymous that you are no longer anonymous; rather a second extension of yourself. Basically, you grew into two different people. :rainbowwild:

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Expansions of the Xeno setting

In case you didn't know, I wrote this:

Just a random aside

Anyone who's read Xenophilia has probably realized that the ponies I write about don't look quite as cartoony as they do in the show; I've always seen them in my head as having slightly more "realistic" proportions.  You know, smaller heads with slightly more defined faces, more definite hooves, larger wings on the pegasi, etc.  I'd found an artist a while back whose ponies look remarkably like they do in my head.  His name's Jykinturah, he's the one who does the Blind Dash tumblr, and I love his art style.  If you're curious, here's links to his SFW art blog and his SFW/NSFW art blog.