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Rarity is my favourite pony and Sparity is my favourite ship and The Cutie Mark Chronicles is my favourite ep. I'm a massive Otaku, watched countless animes, played countless games, Just a happy nerd.

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When two friends have been best friends for as long as they can remember, certain aspects seem impossible or can be hidden from each other. But over time, emotions and feelings can change. What will this mean for Spike and Twilight Sparkle, and will they be the only ones who are changing their feelings?

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A few years after the end of the series.

Everyone still meets with each other, just less often as their lives continue.
Spike works more often with Rarity these days.
But one day before one of Pinkie's Parties, the two go out on some errands.
However, destiny brings the two together it seems.

A SFW good ol' Sparity fluff story.

Editors: Mr Stargazer

Note: Story was written prior to Twilight Sparkle Alicorn and thus this story exists if that event had not happened.

Chapters (7)
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