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  • TExordia
    The Elements of Harmony have been returned to the Tree of Harmony by the Carriers; the group of friends led by Princss Twilight. But what is their story? Where did they come from? The answer lies more than 2000 years back, with Starswirl the Bearded.
    Claystead · 59k words · 573 views
  • TLost Souls
    Two royal guards are dispatched to the small town of Ponyville to help the locals find a missing filly. However, the quaint little town harbors a dark secret under its sleepy surface; one that threatens to strike at the very heart of what they defend
    Claystead · 37k words  ·  10  1 · 455 views
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I totally am, dude. Well, sorta. I get... strange, when drunk or otherwise intoxicated. Like playing CoD while sober and then after a few shots writing emotionally stirring poetry.

I'm strange. Also I have a female sidekick.

You seem chill.

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Exordia up! · 11:32pm Jan 14th, 2014

Eight months after beginning, Exordia is finally published! Go read it as soon as the submission is accepted!

Or I will throw you down a well.

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