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Sometimes The Void Yells Back · 1:18am Jul 23rd, 2020

It's been a while.

Rumors of my demise are largely almost certainly probably false. Maybe. On to the rambling nonsense:

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Nobody kills me but ME! · 6:58am Nov 27th, 2017

It's been a loooong time. How have you been?

Seeing as it's been nearly four years since my last blog post, figured it was due time for another one.

So, lets get into the nitty gritty. Kinda.

>Where have you been?
Here and there. Mostly lurking.

>Have you been writing?

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There's no fence on this fence! · 2:04pm May 30th, 2014

As some of you have probably figured out, I'm slowly getting back into writing. If I can manage to finish a couple of my other stories, I'm going to start work on new projects that I've had sitting for a while. Some of which are as follows:

>A first contact story
>A rewrite of 99
>One last chapter to Dynamic Entry
>A sequel/successor to a couple of stories

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Squishy. Squishy squishy squishy. · 5:12am Nov 4th, 2013

I'll be honest, for those of you that this is news to, this blog post will likely be an unpleasant one for you.

For those that don't know, WINI was a collab project between myself and Aether Pony, who has, unfortunately, stopped writing for the foreseeable future, at least in regards to MLP fanfiction. Sucks, but stuff happens.

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But Which One Makes the Prettiest Noise? · 5:31am Sep 27th, 2013

So. Just did something I hoped to never do. 99 is canceled. My apologies to those of you that were interested in it or expecting it to be updated.

Multiple reasons, mostly related to characters being in character. Namely Twilight.

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Number Numbers, Math Math Math · 2:10pm Jul 26th, 2013

So, a couple of updates on some things.

>Where have you been? Why no updates to 'x'? Nether pls.
Couple reasons to my recent absence and lack of stuff.
First off, I'd hit a wall and my motivation just kind of tapered out. Combine that with some issues with feedback, and it put me in a rather sour mood in regards to writing.
>'issues with feedback'? What? You've got like a bagillion comments on 'x' or 'x'!

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Story Announcement: Minion of Ares · 2:52pm Dec 12th, 2012

I've updated Minion of Ares with a link to the first official continuation story that's been uploaded!

If you don't feel like going back and scrolling, I don't blame you. Here's a link instead!

Followers of Ares, by Lulzies

I'll be using blog posts for story updates and things of that nature, since I can apparently tag stories.

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