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The reason for the Moon-Time-Out · 11:24am Jan 27th, 2015

Hello, everypony watching my blogs. That's about 20 by now (and it still astounds me to have gotten that number) and I recently thought to myself 'I should write another blog entry. But about what?'

Cue this video:

And my mind exploded with ideas. In particular, as to why Nightmare Moon might need to reside on the moon while Discord himself can be turned to stone.

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German Versions? · 12:09am Dec 24th, 2014

So I've finally done it. My first story is out. Anyone reading my corresponding author's note will also see how I promised a possible german version of the story.

After thinking about it I decided to let people vote here. It is directly tied to Silent Night, Holey Night. Comment this blog to vote if you want a german version of the story or not.

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How I became a Brony · 7:08am Apr 22nd, 2013

Hey, everyone of my...*looks through* 7 followers and the few of you who actually decide that this is worthwile reading nonetheless.

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Ideas for stories · 1:25am Mar 6th, 2013

Hello to all my readers...the two or three that are out there.

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Update on my planned fanfic · 1:14am Feb 13th, 2013

Hey there!

Uh, weird first blog, I know. Anyway I'm planning since early January at my new story. As of now, the first draft is about a third of the way done. I'm looking for beta-readers (as of now, I'm eyeing you, Francois ) but they only get to see the story if the first chapter is actually done.

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