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John Walker is a twenty seven year old male, who lives a comfortable life, with his Wife and two lovely baby daughters, he is content with his life, however all that is turned upside down by one fatal error on his three hour drive home. To find himself living among a sea of candy cotton ponies, and never in his life has he ever felt so scared so alone, and down right out of Place...

*This was a story that kinda came to me while reading another fan fiction* and I also apologize if it isn't great I don't write many Fanfics and haven't written for some time. also I dunno about the style whether to keep it first person *With the urge to avoid breaking the forth wall* and personal or to expand it out more towards narrator, and then the characters, I forget what they call it... second person?

But I wrote this Fanfic because the feeling of being alone in a place, with no one is a pretty scary thought the psychological effect on someones mind, and this guy isn't a Brony, he is a person who knows about Bronies and Pegasisters, but he is having to deal with something serious to him. And I see to many Brony in Equestria Fanfics it kinda gets boring so this is a very different outlook from someone out side the fandom ;)

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