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Across the oceans from Equestria, war has plagued the distant continents of Europa and Neighsia. The Axis Powers of Germaneigh, Istallia, and the Empire of Neighpon have been brutally conquering their neighboring nations since September of 1039 After Celestia (AC) while Princess Celestia has vowed neutrality for as long as she possibly could. Six months after Princess Twilight Sparkle's coronation in October of 1043 AC, the fear of entering into the war has finally gone public as tensions grow both internationally and domestically. For the past few months, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna have argued about Equestria's neutral state in the war after Luna ordered a military reconstruction and modernization.

Rainbow Dash, like most Equestrians, worries about the war and is unsure whether or not Equestria should get involved. However, on a bright October day, her life will be forever changed when she meets somepony who has witnessed, not only the war, but something much, much worse...

***WARNING*** Detailed descriptions of warfare and the Holocaust will be present, and historical accuracy is not entirely a priority as the WWII timeline is slightly altered and other early 20th century historical events are mixed in.

Based off of true events, and in the memory of the tens of millions who lost their lives in the Second World War, the Holocaust, Polish-Soviet War, the Winter War, and other events.

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The year is 1032 After Celestia; nearly 200 years since the exile of the Nordic ponies from Equestria to their homeland of the Nordic Isles, a set of islands off the north-western coast of Equestria. It was the Nordics that led a civil war that spanned for 30 years against Princess Celestia and her regime, leaving Equestria in ruins and millions to bleed. As punishment for their treason, the Edict of Harmony was signed. The Edict stated that the entire Nordic race was to be exiled and secluded to their fatherland for 500 years, also giving permission for the Equestrian Navy to blockade these islands to limit trade and to cage all the Nordic ponies from leaving.

The Jarl (Governor in Nordic) and the ruler of Caroland, one of the two nations that reign on the Nordic Isles, has fallen into fatal sickness. His eldest son, Heinrich Montelius, is expected to claim the throne, and with that his radical ideals. He speaks out against the Edict of Harmony and Princess Celestia, and will do whatever deems necessary to see the Edict repealed and Celestia overthrown. As a result, he has gained popularity among both the nation's military and the poor, who of which make up the majority of the Carolean population. Some of Heinrich's followers even call him their King; a title that has been considered blasphemy since the assassination of their last King over a thousand years ago.

Prince Dietrich Montelius, a renown Nordic historian and the younger brother to Heinrich, grows weary of his brother's intentions and his unnerving hatred of Equestria and all non-Nordic creatures. In Dietrich's fears of the repetition of history, he will have no choice but to embark on an illegal voyage to Equestria in hopes that Princess Celestia will listen to his plea of warning of an uncertain future...

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