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"You know, I like a man who watches things go on around. It means he'll make his mark someday."

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"Writing is an art. It's no better or no worse than any other art, be it painting, sculpting or even a drawing. Writing is as good or as bad as the man behind the words. Remember that."


Happy New Year! · 7:15pm Jan 1st, 2014

Dear All,

I wish you a happy new year, and a safe and happy holiday season. I further wish you greener pastures, and brighter futures, in 2014! Be safe, be well, and may your life be full of joy and merriment.

Travis J.

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All the faves!

Hey, back at ya! :coolphoto:

Aaaaaand backwatch.

[Shane intensifies]

Tips his wizard hat to you.

Mary Christmas, sire. :twilightsmile:


I know, right? Strange...

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