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Plans and such. · 9:21pm Mar 25th, 2014

Alright, so, my plans are to provide you with at least one chapter of something by the end of the week.

If we're all fortunate, I will have updated Chains Tales, Chains and Dark Pony Brotherhood. But I make no promises as to getting them all through.

But I'm finding that the more I brainstorm for Chains, and the more I work on it, the more I realize that I really, really, REALLY, want to do some more world building with it.

So I have a lot of future ideas with what to do.

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Fun Facts about Chains 1 · 12:56am Nov 9th, 2013

This is going to be a short little blog about ideas I had about the story Chains that have either been disregarded or going to be altered in some way.

1. Chains was first thought up as a Planet of the Apes parody, but seeing as how I've never seen any of the Planet of the Apes movies, it would have been a crappy parody at that.

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OC Descriptions, Updated 11/6/13 · 2:12am Nov 7th, 2013

Chains and Blue Star plus two more.
Been a while since I did this, I figure I'll try to update it every time I get two or more OCs from now on.


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Wow · 9:43pm Sep 10th, 2013

300 Followers??? Personally I'm shocked I ever got 3. I wish I had a special way of thanking you all.

Well, how about this, if I ever get to 500 followers, I will do some kind of poll or something to have fans vote for the subject of a one-shot fanfic. Not sure how I'll go about it, but I'm sure between me and 500 and some odd Bronies something could be figured out.

Alright then, and yes, Chains is still being worked on. ^^

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Q & A · 8:12pm Jun 3rd, 2013

Okay, so I figured while I'm working on the next chapter of Chains, and yes, progress is being made, I may as well do some Q&A for any questions anyone might have on any subject involving any of my fanfics.

Or just for me in general. If the question involves spoilers I'll pm the answer to the questioner. Alright then.

Any Questions?

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Mad Ramblings - Species and Subspecies · 3:00am May 24th, 2013

Alright, My Mad Ramblings may not be that popular but hell, it's very relaxing to get the crazy head canon and theories down on paper...... or text box..... Internet.

So these are some theories I have on the Species and Subspecies of the pony race. This maybe a long one.

First, we have the three main branches; Earth Ponies, Pegasi, and Unicorns.


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And because no one asked - Mad Ramblings · 1:12pm May 21st, 2013

My theories/mad rambling on how Luna and Celestia's magic actually works.

Again, no one asked for this, but I thought deeply on it. Who knows, if this becomes a thing, I may post more Mad Ramblings.

First off, lets remember that according to the Hearths Warming story, they were not the ones who exclusivity were able to control the Sun and Moon, but I imagine, that the Unicorns had to go through like a major ritual and it took several of them to do either action.

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