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OC Descriptions, Updated 11/6/13 · 2:12am Nov 7th, 2013

Chains and Blue Star plus two more.
Been a while since I did this, I figure I'll try to update it every time I get two or more OCs from now on.


Slave number 3507 was born into the 6th generation of enslaved humans in Equestria. Each generation of slaves counted after 40 years. His label was 3507-6. His parents are currently unknown, and any other family is also unknown, most slave families being separated early for young slaves to be trained. His only unique feature as far as the Market was concerned, was his hetrochromia iridum, his eyes were two different colors, Blue and Brown.

He was trained for slavery, and was put for sale in Trottingham for a time, before he was sent to Canterlot to be sold as a more exotic slave. He sat in his cage, awaiting whatever fate he would be given. It was not long until he was bought by a Unicorn family and given to the young Twilight Sparkle as a companion and servant, and shortly after given a formal name, by his Mistress. "Chains" she called him.

Chains proved to be loyal to his Mistress, either because of how he was taught or because he deeply cared for her from the start because of her naming him. He still never complains when she asks something of him, and asks for very little in return. He also obeys her parents, but will even disobey their wishes if it pleases Twilight.

It has also been shown that Chains is incredibly intelligent, and even has a photographic memory. He was taught how to read by Twilight in a relatively short time, and can remember every book he's read down to the letter, and is able to remember where every book is in the library, so long as he helped sort it in the first place.

While he is subservient to ponies and is willing to take a great deal of abuse, while being assaulted by Twilight's Guard, he felt an urge, however small it was, to fight back. He kept it down, but there is clearly something to Chains that even he is unaware of.

Blue Star

Graduated the Royal Canterlot Guard Academy in year 981 of Celestia's Rule. Blue Star wasn't particularly amazing in his Academy career or his professional career before being assigned as the personal guard of Twilight Sparkle, Princess Celestia's star pupil.

Blue Star was raised in a traditional Canterlot noble family. He was taught that Unicorns are superior, and that the male should rule the household with absolute authority, and he takes these to heart. His cutiemark is one of a ethereal blade behind a star, and he earned it when he discovered his ability to use his magic as a bladed weapon.

As he watched Twilight grow, he found that she was indeed growing into a beautiful mare, and seeing her both as a beautiful mare and as a potential path to political power, he sought to arrange a marriage between himself and Twilight by going to her father. Twilight's Father told him to ask Twilight directly, and when Blue Star went to do so, he found Twilight kissing her slave, Chains. This led to him attacking the human later, which resulted in his expulsion from the Royal Canterlot Guard. His current activities are unknown.

Lock and Stock

Twins born into slavery, both with straw blonde hair and green eyes. From a young age they were made to do heavy labor at a quarry, breaking stone and hauling it. This has made them both strong over their young lives.

The quarry which they grew up in was a harsh place, and the Task Masters would often provided few rations, ensuring that the humans would have to fight over the scraps. In short making a form of fighting ring to keep themselves entertained. Lock and Stock made a good team in such fights, and always got their own share, or if one of them didn't, the other would split his.

One day, they decided to play a joke on one of the Task Masters and argue incessantly over which one was which. The Task Master didn't find it so funny, and decided to make sure that they could never be mistaken for one another again by cutting into Lock's right cheek and Stock's left, making sure they'd scar.

When work at the quarry began to dry up, most of the slaves there were put into wagons and pulled to a newly opened mine. But fate would have it that on the way there, while crossing a narrow path along a cliff face, a piece of the cliff would crumble away, and the wagon carrying Lock, Stock and their driver plummeted down and smashed. The driver was killed and Lock and Stock were badly wounded.

Nearby a red Earth Pony by the name of Big Macintosh heard the commotion and went to see what happened. Finding the injured humans and their dead driver, he brought them to his family farm which was only the next town over. Ponyville.

While they are still slaves, in that they cannot go free and about to do as they please, they are happy working the farm with the Apple family, and despite some issues that arose both with extended family and with local abolitionists, those issues were resolved and even distant relatives of the Apple family recognize them as unofficial family members.

While those who don't know them can only tell them apart by the scars, their close friends can tell just by their speech or attitude. Lock being more energetic and outgoing, while Stock was more relaxed and cautious.

more to come as stories are written.

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