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Q & A · 8:12pm Jun 3rd, 2013

Okay, so I figured while I'm working on the next chapter of Chains, and yes, progress is being made, I may as well do some Q&A for any questions anyone might have on any subject involving any of my fanfics.

Or just for me in general. If the question involves spoilers I'll pm the answer to the questioner. Alright then.

Any Questions?

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Comments ( 34 )

So i was kinda thinking, even if there the human slavery thing in here, is going to be like racist ponies like well unicorn's supremasist or somenthing?

Will chains join a revolutionary group? Are the mane 6 for/against the freedom of Humans?

1122438 Well obviously not all unicorns are racial supremacists, Twilight and her family are proof enough of that.

Let me put it this way, in each pony demographic there are supremacists, there are just a few more in the unicorn demographic because power corrupts, and Unicorns have the most obvious power.

It's not my intention to create a race war between the pony species, just keep in mind that any group of ponies is capable of feeling superior to others for one reason or another.

Maybe even some pegasi abolitionists in that universe are acting so because they feel morally superior, but don't really think much of humans themselves, but there are also those among them who legitimately feel they should be abolitionists because its the right thing, and not because of how it makes them look.

Does Rainbow Dash hate Celestia due to her supporting slavery of Humans?

Loyal to her friends, but not Celestia?

1122496 In the end she respects Celestia, but doesn't agree with her decision on that. One can be an abolitionist with the goal of getting slavery banned by the same individuals who imposed it. Even though she doesn't know Celestia's reasons, it's pretty much common knowledge that Celestia doesn't have any slaves herself.

So no, RD doesn't hate Celestia.

Do any other ponies in ponyville have human slaves other than Twilight and Applejack.

1122518 Not much of a spoiler since I'm sure many have already guessed it, but I plan to have Diamond Tiara to have slaves, they won't likely be major characters and probably only referenced to, but we will see when we come to that road.

Who inspired you the most to become a writer?

1122570 Thats a hard question to answer. But I always liked reading fantasy novels as a kid, in fact one of my first books I read by myself was The Hobbit, so while it's hard to say who inspired me the most, Tolkien was probably the first to influence me.

What was your inspiration for Chains?

1122599 the fanfic or the character?

1122600 uhhh.... Both.

1122606 Well, alright;

Chains the fanfic: I commonly say the inspiration was a random idea of a Planet of the Apes parody, but that isn't entirely true, to be honest it was a fanfic, which is my favorite so far, called The Colour you Bleed. I haven't found it on here, but I did find it on Fanfiction.net and it's honestly my favorite because it's the only fanfic I've ever read that made me like Blueblood. Well, the long and the short of it is Blueblood gets kidnapped and enslaved and learns humility. I highly recommend it.


and Chains the Character: Actually, his basic profile is that of a roleplay character I made once a long time ago. He was always pretty wimpy and pathetic, but he was also very smart and loyal. In some roleplays I've used him in, he was also somewhat crazy, and I've considered him having a split personality in the story, but have yet to decide on that matter. I like him because he's small, vulnerable, yet very capable. He's got strengths but has alot of things he can improve on and learn.

Is mayonaise an instrument?

1122657 No Patrick, Mayonnaise is not an instrument.


What do you think enslaved humans and Ponies' reactions would be if they saw modern or future earth?

What would they think of us? Sitting in our silly little space ships with our silly little guns?

Personally, I think they would do the smart thing, and let someone else try to knock us down first.

Dr.Who reference? anyone? No?


EDIT: I want Twilight's bodyguard's reaction. That would be satisfying as hell.
"Underestimated humans? Please, those stupid creatures can't do anything."

One five min clip of modern marvels later.

"It seems I was mistaken..."

Oooh, oooh, I got one! I got one!


When is the next chapter coming out?:pinkiecrazy:

Okay, in all seriousness though, I have a few genuine questions:
1) Clop or no clop?:trollestia:
2) Best pony?
3) Would you be willing to do a spin-off wherein a human from earth (not a brony) travels to Equestria and must adapt to his new slavery?
4) Are you planning on rewriting every episode to fit into your universe?
5) Are we going to see a little more culture clash between biped and quadruped
6) Are these questions annoying?
7) Glida? If not: Pwease?:fluttershysad:
8) What is the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?

Thank you for your time and for writting chains, good sir:moustache:

P.S, sorry if you already answered any of the questions above. I haven't had a chance to read the comments yet.

Oh god! Please write a bonus chapter where Earth and Equestria bridge, and humans are all like "Hey, we come in... WHAT THE HELL!?!" and then ponies get a taste of modern warefare. And everything's all like "PEW PEW Take that slavers!"
The eight year old in me escaped, I apologize.


And everything's all like "PEW PEW Take that slavers!"

I endorse this idea greatly, even as a "lolz" story.

Probably confusion mostly, and yes I got the reference ^^
as for Blue Star's reaction, it would probably be one of rage.

1. Clop is okay on occasion
2. Twilight of course
3. Not really but I would not be offended by anyone who wants to make such a fic.
4. No, Nightmare Moon arc is an exception because I still got to introduce the characters and everything like that.
5. In flashback yes
6. Not at all
7. Gilda will make an appearance, yeah.
8. MATH.


Life the universe and everything is only as you see it. You could be a fifty foot purple fire breathing monkey but see your self as a human. You all choose realism and as such humanity's "life universe and everything" is only a collective concept you all came up with.

All of you think that even when you're not observing them, trees, the sky, and everything else continues "existing"

How do you know it exists though?

What's real? Optic illusion show that humans can be tricked. What if everything you know is a lie.

After all. Everything you know is filtered through your senses. If your scenes are wrong, what happens?

Blows your mind right?

The answer to life the universe and everything is you. To you everything is as you see it.

although the answer can be 42.

But now we have the problem: What is the question?


look at it this way.

M = 13
A = 1
T = 20
H = 8
The sum of these numbers is 42
So yes, Math is the answer.

Also I think you maybe on the same wavelength as Schrodinger.

I agree with that. There are psychology studies showing that people actually think like that, and as a result are considered insane. Look up "the matrix defense."

Tonda Lynn Ansley used this defense and claimed that the world didn't exist when she was charged with murder for shooting her landlady. She found not guilt on account of the fact that she was considered insane.

Also you should read the Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy. Quirky little book. Quite a laugh. 42...

That's not how you spell 'Fluttershy'

1123783 Twilight is best pony, Pinkie even said so.

If Celestia doesn't openly endorse slavery (I don't remember if she does for sure), why doesn't she do something about it? She had a human friend once. Why would she let something like this happen in the first place? If both races met each other as equals, how did human slavery get endorsed in the beginning? I havn't read the story in a while so I'm not quite up to date. This is a great story so far from what I've read. I do like where this is going.

I forgive both you and Pinkie for your ignorance:derpytongue2:

1141895 those years had passed already. The two of them are now adults in the eyes of society.

Are you still answering questions?

1258248 Yes. If they are asked.

1258544 Well since humans were enslaved/poped up 1000 years ago, I think you said, and since everything comes back 1000 years later, would more humans randomly pop up again or no?

1258564 It wasnt a thousand years ago. It was under 280 years ago.

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