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So, is the description of FPV alluring or not? Is it outright bad? Does it need a complete overhaul? · 7:47am Mar 20th, 2012

I've been thinking about thsoe questions for a few days now, and a few more related to FPV's description. Of course, it does pretty much what it's supposed to, but is it enough? Are people dismissing the story as a Human in Equestria story without a closer look because of the possibly unimaginative description? Now obviously I do not wish to directly spoil the twist presented in the first chapter, but I think the description should present a catch, a veritable something that intrigues

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Another musing. · 1:31pm Mar 9th, 2012

Well, my original goal of one image per chapter plus cover art has come true, thanks to paper pony. He is an excellent artist, and he blew my mind when he without prompt displayed me fan art. I mean, whoa! It was so completely unexpected. Even now I'm smiling widely at the memory of the moment.
Anyway, I only made this quick blog post because the previous one was way obsolete.

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Just a random and short musing. · 12:05pm Dec 6th, 2011

It saddens me that my story doesn't have a title illustration. I'm not the best kind of an artist, and I devote more time to writing the fan fic than drawing art for it. I don't dare to ask folks to draw up something for me either, so I guess I have to doodle up something. One of these days.

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