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I'm your friendly neighborhood riffer. Except when I'm not. I also write pony words and review them. I hope to serve.


Seasalt Riffs: The Chase, Chapter 2 · 2:55am Apr 3rd, 2016

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Seasalt Riffs: The Chase, Chapter 1 · 6:02pm Nov 21st, 2015

Let’s get something out right now. Do NOT expect me to get through this entire story. It’s not happening.
Now then...
A while back a Skype group of mine had a shit-fit over this story, and I was really curious as to why. After putting it off for a while, I finally decided to start.
I have no idea what happens in this story, and I didn’t read the one before it. Not going to either.
I’ve heard it’s pretty bad, but there’s really only one way to find out.
You all ready?
Here’s The Chase.

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So there's a thing coming up. · 1:00am Jun 11th, 2015

Yeah, you know how my best friend and I have been riffing a lot lately? Well...what if I told you that riffing in general is a thing that a group of friends of mine are trying to start up again? Cool? Yeah, I thought so. Well, what if I said that YOU can help?

I can already see your minds spinning with ideas.

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Seasalt Riffs: Watch The Movie, Sweetie Belle! · 3:15pm Apr 23rd, 2015

So because we haven’t done enough foalcon in these riffs, how about some more!
(Foalcon is just the best, isn’t it friend?)
I hate humanity.
(I know twow. I know.)
Today’s story is called Watch The Movie, Sweetie Belle! And I’m not telling who the other character is, it’ll be a surprise.

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NSFW: Foalcon

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Seasalt Riffs: An Evening With His Favorite Princess · 7:37pm Apr 15th, 2015

Ah, foalcon. The closest legal thing to child pornography.
(Foalcon is your favorite thing ever to riff, isn’t it twow?)
Bite me. Either way, today’s story is called An Evening With His Favorite Princess. No points for guessing who it has in it.
(Spoiler alert, it’s Pip and Luna.)
Prepare your blast shields.

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Seasalt Riffs: Dolphins Can't Swim In Rivers · 12:59am Mar 5th, 2015

Oooh, self inserts are great! Especially when they’re written by other people!’
(Hello again!)
Yeah, we’re back and taking on one of the worst trends that so many authors like to use.
(twow did you ever write self-insert fics when you were young and stupid?)
Yes, but it was for myself and I didn't write it as a GIFT. Either way, this is Dolphins Can't Swim In Rivers, a gift for someone. They’re the insert. So it’s a...gift insert? Either way, it’s not good.
And so it begins.

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Seasalt Riffs: Pinkie Pie's burrito accident · 8:53pm Feb 27th, 2015

Because it just wouldn't be NORMAL if I revitalized my riffing with a good story, right?
Yeah, I’m finally back with riffing again. And not in the same canon as before. Starting...well, not entirely over, but don’t expect for everything in the first series to be the same as it is now.
Also, I’m going to have a new friend along for most of them. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m excited. And I hope you guys will be too.

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twow Riffs: Walk Softly: Part 4 · 7:23pm Feb 10th, 2015

I just love looking back on the riffs I still need to complete and seeing that I’m close to finishing one. I don’t like it when it’s a riff that I really don’t enjoy doing.
Boredom really sucks in a riff.
And thus we come to the final chapter in the foalcon borefest, Walk Softly.
Grab a pillow. Might need it.

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A month into 2015 · 11:16pm Feb 9th, 2015

Yeah, I know I've been dead for a while. But I'm still alive, so that's a good thing, right?

I've been meaning to post a blog explaining how I'm going to do things. And for the few of you that'll actually read this, I thank you a lot. It's important.

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twow Riffs: Season 1 Finale: To Tartarus and Back · 4:27am Dec 4th, 2014

A friend of mine, KillerSteel, wrote this story and I was one of the few that got to read it before it was released. I was not disappointed.
Today’s story is called “To Tartarus and Back” and it has Fluttershy. Don’t worry, it’s a LOT better than the other one.
And here we go.

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