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More about S.W.

Hello, my name is (insert nickname here). I'm pretty new to story telling so I will be pretty bad in the beginning. I don't do much story's, but I have Role played here and there So I am creative.

My favorite characters are: Soarin', Vinyl, and octavia. Don't take it personally if I didn't like any of the main characters.

I am currently building up ideas for better story's and will hopefully get more into what I make.

If you don't see me for a while it's because of work and because games consume me lol.


Holy Wubs...where have I been? · 2:25pm Jul 2nd, 2013

Hey all! holy wubs, I haven't been on Fimfiction in like...years XD

But lets see its time to get serious and work some more on my story that I didn't even halfway finish.

As of now I'm on Vacation from work which gives me DAYS to work on some and to hear from the readers on what you would possibly like to see.

I believe vinyl left off at the Skrillex concert? Meh, I have to find my notebook now for that idea again.

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