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Sorry about the story · 5:20am Jul 23rd, 2013

Total rework of the chapters, the story is tighter, more coherent, and I would like to apologize to the people who read it before this update. I reread all of it and saw so many obvious mistakes, really shoddy work, again really sorry about it, I won't let it happen again.

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Chapter 7 and Chapter 6 · 7:40am Jan 12th, 2013

Chapter 7 of Apple Family Engineer is up. I made some dialogue changes to chapter 6; you don't have to read it, as it doesn't affect the story in any way, but I think it's better than what was there.

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Strangely enough · 2:09am Nov 27th, 2012

I got high and wrote chapter 7 before I wrote chapter 6. No idea how that happened.

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Irresponsible even when I want to be irresponisible, irresponsception · 2:19am Oct 27th, 2012

So I was supposed to write a chapter today for the engineer story. Unfortunately, I usual have a little something to help get ideas flowing, but I forgot to go buy it last night. So... yeah, tomorrow though, new update. And every day after that until the story is finished. I'm thinking at least 3 more chapters. We'll see.

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I love my desktop · 10:29pm Sep 25th, 2012

Also new story up.

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Mister Rodgers Remix · 3:49am Sep 21st, 2012

This video is incredible, especially if your blazed, but if your not its awesome anyway. It's nostalgia combined with autotune. Check it out. Also, chapter 3 is out.

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Theme song · 12:05am Sep 19th, 2012

I was trying to figure out where I heard this theme song before, it was stuck in my head for two days and then I listed every television show I watch ever and I figured it came from the show above. Well, you know how annoying it is to have a song stuck in your head, so I neglected to write until I could figure it out. But, I just did so I wrote chapter 2 and it's posted now, sorry for the wait.

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Boardwalk Empire · 9:26pm Sep 16th, 2012

Check it out third season starts today. I was sad when Breaking Bad ended for the year, but now I have this other great crime drama to hold me other. Then on the 30th, Dexter season premiere, hopefully it'll be better than last season, which was ... disappointing to say the least. Murder, drugs, and liquor make the word go round and I'm very glad I have a comfortable couch to watch it all. One more thing new story up today.

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100 followers · 9:43pm Sep 15th, 2012

That's really cool for me and 99 came from one story. That being said, the day I hit 101 followers I will post up the sequel to "Pinkie Pie Meets the Pyro" which will be titled "Apple Family Engineer." Chapter 1 is finished so any waiting between now and 101 followers just means the story will be uploaded quicker. The first upload time will be around 1:00 AM PST, so it can get approved and be up around the time most people are goofing off at work or school and others are waking up from

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