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Just call me Rada or Von. I have a lot of half-formed ideas that rarely manifest into anything concrete because I don't think things through enough. Like all of you, I'm always learning to write.

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The Flim-Flam brothers are salesponies. They're good salesponies, at that. Throughout their careers, they've done their best to be honest, good gentlecorns. Sure, they've had a few misguided attempts here and there, but at least they always regret the things that they do wrong.
Sometimes, though, ponies have to take shortcuts in order to succeed in life. Survival of the fittest and all that. That's exactly what Flim and Flam are masters of. You might have to be a little bit heartless to succeed in life.
But, hey. It's the business world. It's the real world.
It's marketing to idiots that are stupid enough to fall for schemes and tactics that make them so great at what they do.
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Braeburn Apple has always been raised in a conservative household, as a member of the Apple family.
Throughout his life, he's been taught what's 'wrong' and what's 'right', who he was allowed to love, and who he wasn't. Above all, he was told what to be, and how to be it.
When he meets a certain blue Pegasus stallion buying pies at Sweet Apple Acres while he just so happens to be staying there, he discovers feelings he never knew he had.
Unfortunately, they happen to be the same ones he was always taught to suppress.
Can Soarin convince him that it's not wrong to be in love, and that, sometimes, in order to be happy, you need to break out of your comfort zone?
A story about discovering who you are, and being that person, no matter what others tell you to be.

WARNING: M/M, SoarinxBraeburn Coltcuddling! Touches up on some serious social issues in the real world, but with ponies, and at least 20% cooler.
If you don't like it, please do not read it.

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Rated T for alcohol references, crude humour, and slight language.

Cover image is by Mn27 on DeviantART.

Edited by many people, included Carcer, LunaUsesCaps, and Diexna, but none have contributed more than the amazing Smayds, who has been my main editor for almost every chapter.

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