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Many years ago, on my very first day on Earth, I was born. Two decades later I celebrated my twentieth birthday, and then I had a glass of water.


Scrap Bin 2: An Exhibit of Taxidermied Angst · 3:56pm January 3rd

Another batch of excerpts from my scrap bin, but this time, it's three of them at once. Next chapter should be coming by this weekend, if not sooner - hopefully this'll provide some insight into what I'm trying to trim out!

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This Is Fine · 11:28pm Sep 23rd, 2022

So first off, hey, guess who still isn’t dead? And guess whose story isn’t dead, either - just some stuff in the way.

Did you know that when you pick up your laptop, and it makes a noise like a maraca, that that’s usually a bad thing? Because it turns out, it is! My laptop’s motherboard was completely bricked by a loose screw, and I may or may not be in the process of questionably interpreting a warranty to get said motherboard - or laptop - replaced.

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Scrap Bin One: Why am I Here, and Why is This Burger Here, Too? · 5:49pm Jun 22nd, 2022

Just a snippet from my scrap pile. This was going to be Lapis' identity crisis for The Griffon, Brushed Off, but I decided to go for the "I-shouldn't-be-here-much-longer-right?" debate instead. Might go in a later chapter - until then, enjoy!

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