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just a dude who likes mlp way to much for some reason


i'm not done the story called love is worth killing for but i wanted to share this paragraph with y'all. · 2:35pm Dec 18th, 2020

And as quickly as she found happiness with him, it had been taken away, the one hope for a life worth living, was striped right before her very eyes. She had taken her away from Marble. SHE had taken him away from Marble. SHE had taken him away from Marble. And in that very moment, Marble was trusted back into the void, her body slipping away from her. The tears welling in her eyes, her body panicking and trying to run away, but she did not care, she took him away from her.

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i'm writing a new story called love is worth killing for · 2:41pm Dec 17th, 2020

here is the description
it had only been a few days scene SHE took him. My only love. The one who made my life worth while.
He made me happy and there are only a few ways in life to be happy.i have tried all of the other ways. I am too weak to be happy. But HE made me happy and SHE took him away. There are only a few ways to gain him back, and one way. is to take her out of his life....

(also here is the picture that inspired this story)

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7 days of love chapter 2 is almost done. · 12:12pm Dec 15th, 2020

its almost done but i dont really like were the story is going tho sorry.

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my dudes chapter two of 7 days of love will be mostly from Sandbar's view btw · 2:55pm Dec 2nd, 2020


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reeeeeeeeee · 3:37pm Nov 30th, 2020

i like to party

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